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We expected a duel of actresses and directors. Between Rebecca Zlotowski and Virginie Efira on one side, Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh on the other. But it is in fact the king of the world James Cameron who ascended the throne: released in a remastered version, Avatar ranked first at the French box office among releases on September 21, ahead of a great race and the duo Dany Boon – Line Renaud.

While the sequel is expected in theaters on December 14, Avatar managed to draw nearly 40,000 viewers in one day, across 344 screens. Obviously, it is much less than in 2009, when 320,934 people rushed to get twice as many copies, and nothing says that the feature film will be the weekly box office leader next Wednesday. But this reboot has something to reassure operators about the potential of El camino del agua, while James Cameron himself feared that the thirteen years separating the two films would play against the second.


Behind the unsinkable Avatar and the Belle course by Christian Carion, the duel of directors has taken place. And it was Rebecca Zlotowski who won, taking the third step of the podium with other people’s childrenprior to do not worry honey by Olivia Wilde, which however had more copies available. But he got all the score from him on the only day of September 21, where his French competitor was able to benefit from the preliminaries.

It also highlights the good start of the animated film. koati psychedelic documentary Moon Age Reverie about David Bowie, whose average per copy is about the same as A Beautiful Race. But in this little game, it’s Lise Broholm’s Last Night who wins the kettledrums, managing to do better than Avatar.

Source: CBO Box Office

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