3 Zodiac Signs That Feel Unhappy About Love During Moon Opposite Neptune August 1 – 2, 2022

Nothing brings out the summer blues quite like the first few days of August, and today, with the Moon opposite Neptune in our presence, we must sink into the depths of intense feelings of sadness that we feel for no reason. It is possible

our mood takes over, and that mood makes us sad, If we could amuse ourselves, that would be a great thing, but as it turns out, we’re more than happy to sit and stew in self-indulgence.

Today ‘Why me?’ I have brought a new level of ‘Bechara Main’ with the sentiments of As a bonus.

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Unlike Neptune, Mono is the transit that plays with our heads and makes us doubt ourselves. What seemed like a brilliant idea one day seems false and silly today.

We tend to get down on ourselves during this transit, which can make it difficult for us to even be around. It’s hard to be with someone who whines and groans, especially if it seems like an attention-getting move.

This is also the kind of day when we have nightmares that speak to us. There is an ideology that says that dreams and nightmares are just ‘mental waste, Just a bunch of thoughts swirling around in our minds that rarely make sense.

However, during the Moon opposite Neptune, we listen to our dreams; We give them more meaning than they actually have, which ends with us assuming all day long that ‘everything is a sign.’ Not everything is a sign. It’s just another day; be happy

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