3,000 jobs will be created in 2023, of the 50,000 promised by Emmanuel Macron for the next five years

It’s a ” start up “ to reach the 50,000 additional places in nursing homes promised for the next five years by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign. In fact, in 2023, nursing homes will have an additional 3,000 nurses and caregivers, according to the Social Security Finance Bill (PLFSS) for the year 2023 presented on Monday, September 25 by the government in the Council of Ministers. .

This effort, estimated at 170 million euros, is intended “pragmatic”explained the entourage of Solidarity Minister Jean-Christophe Combe, essentially stressing that it would have been unrealistic to plan more hiring for the time being, given the significant hiring difficulties in this sector, exacerbated by the health crisis.

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“The trajectory in public accounts is as expected in the coming years” to reach the 50,000 additional jobs promised by Emmanuel Macron during his presidential campaign, the same source added.

4,000 additional jobs for home help services

Nursing homes will also benefit from 440 million euros in additional credits “In the next weeks” to compensate “the impact of inflation on non-salary expenses”and will have the right, like individuals, to the “tariff shield” on the price of energy.

In home help services, 4,000 additional places will be created in 2023. The PLFSS also lays the foundations for this sector of two other measures that will only apply from 2024.

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On the one hand, elderly people assisted at home will benefit from two additional hours for a “social support”dedicated to “memory stimulation” and prevention of loss of autonomy.

On the other hand, they will be able to more easily claim aid to adapt their accommodation to their gradual loss of autonomy, for example to avoid falls: from 2024, for example, a device called MaPrimeAdapt’ will be activated, on the model of the renovation subsidy energetic.

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