4 zodiac signs receive major upgrades in their lives during the big 15-year Uranus North Node conjunction beginning July 31, 2022

Uranus and North Node will conjunct Taurus on 31st July 2022, setting up a ripple effect for the next fifteen years, which will have a profound effect on your life.

Uranus is a sudden planet and unexpected changes. It is the planet of rebellion and going its own way.

Uranus has a very different way of organizing life events so that you are forced to embrace freedom rather than live through restriction.

After beginning its phase in Taurus in 2018, Uranus goes through a seven-year cycle in each sign.

In Taurus, Uranus is concerned with helping you with how you live your life, how you make money and even how you love.

It is looking for more stability that will be found only by doing things its own way rather than following any set of rules or the path of least resistance.

Uranus believes in how he sees life differently and believes that sometimes things must be completely broken in order to achieve true freedom.

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as it makes a conjunction with the north nodeIt brings events of fate which can only be found through rebellion against the status quo.

In astrology, a conjunction refers to two remarkably close planets. In this way, their energies merge, acting as a powerhouse influencing you and your life.

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