5 disaster scenarios for the next 30 years

BREAKING SCENARIOS: This summer, which saw a record number of heat waves and successive temperatures, Challenges offered a leap into the future by publishing a series of breaking scenarios. Several were devoted to climate change. Here are five apocalyptic scenarios to project yourself.

This summer, challenges offered you a jump into an imaginary future. We have published, as part of his screenings, in a re-edited abridged version, produced by his team of science fiction authors assembled by the Defense Innovation Agency. His mission: to publish two scenarios a year to face armies with extreme scenarios. But also scenarios imagined by us. How are you dedicated to climate change and compiled by a journalist from Science and Future (of the Ediciones Croque Futur group, to which challenges)our partner, a professor of African studies at Duke, Connecticut, or even our reaction adviser, or even André Comte-Sponville, a philosopher and editorialist at challenges, based on existing facts and studies. Here they are to (re)discover. Good reading.

2025: A solar storm causes the planet to travel

Imagine that in the year 2025, a huge volley of electromagnetic particles launched from the sun at almost the speed of light causes the planet to drift. Just before the tragedy, the northern lights dance to the south of Spain and spread their light throughout the northern hemisphere. The spectacle then gave way to what NASA feared most since 2012, when a major storm hit it: “a return of civilization to the 18th century”, at least for a while. Continental blackouts and most telecommunications are cut for hours or even days. This is what Hugo Jalinière, a journalist from Science and Future.

2041: India is dying of heat

India’s worst heat wave. This is the scenario developed by our partner The Economist, which projects the country in 2041. The 50°C indicated by the thermometer and the days and days of humid heat cause a wave of deaths by the thousands, aggravated by power cuts caused by Excessive energy consumption of air conditioners. your[…]

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