50mn Inside – Netizens Moved by Amel Bent’s Portrait


In ’50mn Adentro’, the singer, mother of three children, emotionally surrendered to Nikos Aliagas. (TF1 screenshot)

This Saturday, September 24, in “50 minutes Inside the news”, Nikos Aliagas spoke with Amel Bent. In a portrait dedicated to her, the 37-year-old singer, currently back on stage with her seventh album entitled “Vivante”, spoke with great emotion about her path, her difficult years, her role as a mother and her unbreakable bond with her audience The one who is about to find her jury seat in the new season of “The Voice” delivered an interview that moved many Internet users.

Everything smiles at him. It is in an empty Dôme de Paris – Palais des Sports that Nikos Aliagas talked with amel folded in a portrait broadcast this Saturday, September 24 in “50mn inside“, on TF1. At 37 years old, the famous coach of “The Voice” agreed to trust the program for the first time. Because yes, Amel Bent had to wait 19 years before having his portrait on “50mn Inside”! The ups and downs of her career, her happiness as a mother and that precious bond that she maintains since her debut in 2004 in the “Nouvelle Star” with her audience, the singer entrusted with joy and with great generosity to Nikos Aliagas 18 years later In her debut, the interpreter of “My philosophy” offers himself a return to the top precisely in the concert hall, with capacity for more than 4000 people, where the interview “I don’t want to look too much, I admit that it scares me a little there”, recognizes Amel Bent in front of an empty room, a few hours before her concert.

VIDEO – Discover the minute of Amel Bent

“Super beautiful and moving portrait!”

The interview begins with the beginnings of the singer, in the city of 4000, in La Courneuve, where she grew up alone with her mother. A childhood that could be summed up like this: a girl, a comb or a broom as a microphone in her hand, that she sings in front of the mirror and that already has a crazy desire to live her dream of being an artist. A dream that explains living more than reasonably after his move to “Nouvelle Star” and the immense success of his first single: “It’s not safe enough, it’s not solid enough for me to live the dream. There was the bighead syndrome (…) and at an age where we’re supposed to try to figure out who we are, I was scared, I didn’t want to change. I didn’t want to move, I wanted to stay. At 4000, I wanted to eat in the same places, it wasn’t very open-minded at the end of that time and not even enough to enjoy the dream that was coming true,” she tells Nikos Aliagas. The singer explains that she had a real role as head of the family, when she was barely 20 years old. Today, the young mother defends her new album, “Vivante”, number one in sales since its launch (the first in her entire career!), a title so evocative for the artist: “I think we have one life but I didn’t die several times and I felt myself dying in a certain way, in places of my head eza, from my heart (…) I had to cry a lot of things and then when we come back we feel revived, ”she explains. . The course and the smile of the singer and jury of “La Voz” have visibly moved Internet users.

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