A Citroën Ami Buggy sold… 25,000 euros in Leboncoin

By selling only 50 copies of the Ami Buggy, citroen knew how to arouse desire… Although the latest electric model from the French manufacturer has hardly been delivered to the first buyers, some copies are already on sale in the good corner at exorbitant prices, reports numeramaThursday September 22.

Some buyers did not hesitate to take advantage of the rarity of the model by trying to resell their vehicle at a price 2.5 times more expensive. According to our colleagues, 4 copies of the Ami Buggy were for sale on the ad site on Wednesday, September 21. There were 3 more this Thursday. But while Citroën sold the atypical car at €9,790, it is displayed at prices ranging from €19,500 to €25,700 on Leboncoin! Will fans of the brand be willing to pay such sums to acquire the famous machine?

If, last June, the 50 models of the Ami Buggy were sold in just 18 minutes on the Citroën site, I am not sure that the announcements published on Leboncoin cause the same enthusiasm… , that “a limited electric quadricycle at 45 km/h, with more than approximate comfort and finishes”, estimate our colleagues, who also point out that, except for some aesthetic novelties, this limited version shares exactly the same technical bases as the Citroën Ami. In addition, according to Argus, the automaker is already considering a more advanced version of the Ami Buggy.

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