A columnist “not happy” in Everyday life: his secrets about his departure from the Yann Barthès program

At only 24 years old, Panayotis Pascot He already has a long career in humor behind him. Discovered thanks to the videos of him posted on the Internet, he made a name for himself among the general public in 2015, at the age of 17, by joining the teams of the little diary on Canal+. Of the teams that followed TMC, when the show became Daily. Panayotis delivered humorous columns there until 2017. At that time, after two years on the air, he chose to hang up. “The temptation to stay Daily is great, but this year I decided to tackle new projects. I had two very fun years. Yann Barthes and Laurent Bon taught me a lot. Thanks to the teams at Daily,” he announced.

Since then, the charming brunette has merrily made her way and recently found herself on the web show. hot of Kyan Khojandi. The objective is to answer the questions of the star of Soon while tasting increasingly hot peppers. Panayotis then had the opportunity to trace his departure from Daily. “I quit because I wasn’t happy. I had left my family, where there were always people, to settle alone in my apartment. I was making chronicles, it was hard, there were many people who looked at me, judged me and allowed themselves to say that I was doing shit. It was a bit creepy…“, He confessed.

The trigger for leaving the adventure at TMC came after an evening at the restaurant, after a waiter who recognized him criticized his work. “It was the first time he trusted what he felt. I wasn’t happy, I had to do something else and I wanted to go on stage.“, he confided. And his dream came true in 2019, when he began performing with his one-man show Almost. A show for which he is still on tour today in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

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