A superior 34-inch curved gaming monitor at the best price on the market

news good plan A superior 34-inch curved gaming monitor at the best price on the market

So youngsters, are you looking for a quality PC gamer screen? We have a proposal for you. This 34-inch Xiaomi screen gives us the gift of being curved, with a few tricks up its sleeve.

A top-of-the-line, large and not too expensive 34-inch Xiaomi PC screen

Xiaomi has the insolence to make a lot of different products at always excellent prices. From electric scooters to screens, they do it all and here’s one that should appeal to gamers.

Crossed-out prices on Cdiscount are always a bit weird, but we can assure you that this model is Currently at the best market price. €358 is an investment but if the rest of your setup is on the same level, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

34 inches curved in 1440p, it’s beefy on the Xiaomi side

A curved screen is very effective in improving immersion in games. This changes a lot, especially in terms of adventure and exploration titles, but also car games with first-person vision. It’s pretty impressive and the 1500R camber makes a real difference.

34 inches is more than enough for the vast majority of users. You can use it as a single display for gaming and working remotely, or add another display you already have as a secondary monitor.

But why is it made for gamers? As in life, size is not everything. Screen technology also has something to do with it. of resolution 1440p is an ultra comfortable resolution to see the smallest details. The VA panel has a refresh rate of 144Hz, or the ability to play up to 144 FPS. Essential for players who value themselves and seek performance.

We specify anyway that, to take advantage of 1440p and 144HZ simultaneously, you have to equip yourself with a graphics card that can handle it. It would be a shame to get this screen and then realize that the associated settings are not enough. The 4ms response time isn’t the best on the market, but it’s still very good for fast color changes and thus clarity during tense games.

The selection of ports unfortunately lacks USB-C, but if you can live without it, you’re pretty well served with 2 HDMI ports and 2 DisplayPort.

Even though he’s big enough, he does not overlook practicality. You can move it up and down until it touches the ground. It can also be generously tilted between -5 and +15 degrees. Please note that you cannot switch to portrait mode.

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