A very small social security deficit in 2023, sick leave obtained on video that will soon cease to be reimbursable… The ecological flash of the day

We start with the number of the day: 71,000 million dollars: this is the sum that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and CEO of Meta, would have lost in a few months. He would have gone from position 6 to position 20 in the ranking of the richest people on the planet. Why was his fortune cut in half in a few months? Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is it really going through a rough patch? We explain everything in our item.

We continue with the practical information: soon it will no longer be possible for you to be reimbursed for a work stoppage by Social Security if you obtained it by video, from a doctor who is not your doctor. The Government wants to deal with these strikes that would amount to nearly 100 million euros last year, after “an explosion of these casualties given, in teleconsultation.” According to Gabriel Attal, it is about “preventing some people from chaining online consultations until they find someone who is willing to issue them a sick leave“. More details in our article.

We continue with the unusual info of the day, a new solution to facilitate teleworking in the field. After the “trances”, the vacations in teleworking, the telecommuting your employer might soon offer you green. One company, Outwork, offers businesses the ability to purchase telecommuting credits, which are then redistributed to employees. It’s a mix (…)

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