According to Renault, “the old recipes are no longer enough” to design electric cars

To design its future electric models, Renault multiplies partnerships. A new way of doing things that puts you in control of most of the value chain.

The revolution RenaultIt’s not just about range. The organization of the brand will also be shaken. In the spring, the manufacturer announced its desire to create two entities to separate activities related to internal combustion/hybrid engines and those related to electricity. The project should be cleared during the fall.

This division in two aims to separate areas with opposite economic situations. In short, thermal is profitable, electric is not yet due to the huge expenses that are necessary to design platforms, motors or software as quickly as possible. This forced a change of method in Renault.

At a congress in Germany, Managing Director Luca de Meo said: ” I am afraid that the old recipes are no longer enough, the huge investments that are required are not sustainable”. From now on, for the new models, the DG explains: “ We want to co-invest, co-develop and co-create. »

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Renault is thus signing associations for batteries, motors and even electronics. This allows you to maintain control of most of the vehicle’s value chain. Luca de Meo said about it: Three years ago we only covered 10% of the value chain, now we exceed 30% and we are going much faster than we expected, we will be at 80% coverage long before 2030, our goal from the beginning”.

Clearly, Renault not only buys the elements from suppliers, but partners with them for their production. So you have your say, while sharing the costs. Example with batteries: the brand has partnered with the Chinese company Envision, which will build a factory in Douai, ready to directly supply the Megane and R5 assembly line.

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