Accused of misleading its investors, Boeing goes through the box again

Boeing will have to checkout again due to the 737 max. Accused by the US Financial Markets Police (SEC) of having publicly issued several messages stating, after two fatal plane crashes, that the plane did not present a risk, the aircraft manufacturer agreed on Thursday to pay 200 million dollars. Responsible at the time for these messages, the former general manager of the company Dennis Muilenburg for his part agreed to pay a million dollars in fines. It is primarily an issue with the flight software, MCAS, which caused a Lion Air 737 MAX in October 2018 and then a similar Ethiopian Airlines plane in March 2019 to go into a nose dive without the pilots being able to find them. The crashes caused 346 deaths and caused the immobilization of the 737 MAX for twenty months.

The SEC particularly criticizes Boeing for issuing a press release a month after the Lion Air accident, noted and approved by Dennis Muilenburg, highlighting only certain passages in a report by Indonesian authorities that suggested the pilot and poor maintenance they were to blame. The document also failed to mention an internal assessment that MCAS posed “an aviation safety concern” and that Boeing had already begun work on modifications to address it. boeing and Dennis Muilenburg “nevertheless assured the public that the 737 MAX was + as safe as any aircraft that has ever flown in the sky +”, (…)

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