Albert and Charlene of Monaco

Alberto and Charlene de Monaco showed a beautiful unit on the occasion of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. As he slowly recovers, a Swedish woman would try to break his heart.

The Swedish woman in question is Gunilla Persson, who spoke to the local press to suggest, without saying so directly, that Prince Albert of Monaco, is the father of his daughter Irika, born in August 2002.
This 63-year-old woman is also known for having a small role in the Dallas soap opera of the 1980s.

And in the late ’90s, she is supposed to have had an affair with Prince Albert of Monaco. She would have frequented the sovereign prince of the Rock while this television presenter, actress and former model, had a relationship with the hotel promoter Patrick Ellis.
This woman, who seems to want to break Charlene de Monaco’s heart, was arrested in 2018 by the Palm Beach police for stealing sunglasses.

In the context of an interview granted to Dorthe Skappel on the Norwegian program “God kveld”, she spoke about her relationship with Prince Albert of Monaco, a charming man.
And when asked if he is the father of his daughter, the Swedish presenter slips away.

“It’s a deal, you could say, I have to keep quiet about certain things,” he said.

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