“Aminata Diallo has no psychological problems,” explains her lawyer

Aminata Diallo’s lawyer, Maître Mourad Battikh, returned Monday, on CNEWS’s Morandini Live program, to the “split personality” accusations leveled at his client.

Invited to CNEWS’s Morandini Live program this Monday, September 26, Aminata Diallo’s lawyer responded to the accusations of “dual personality” revealed by the Journal du Dimanche.

“No, my client does not have psychiatric problems, explained Maître Mourad Battikh first. He is very well, he is perfectly stable. He is infamous and probably defamatory what was written in the JDD. He is not based on any factual and rational elements. These are interpretations.

According to the JDD, during their investigations, the investigators would have realized that the soccer player regularly exchanged on the phone with a young woman. Except, very strangely, during this virtual intimate relationship, Aminata Diallo pretended to be a male individual “named Bilel”, using a deliberately deeper voice.

“I didn’t hear the wiretaps, I don’t know if they’re on file,” he continued. What I can tell you is that we have to refocus on the file. My client maintains his innocence. He is now on trial. If we start answering anything and everything, we’re not done! The only ones who could evoke the stability of his personality are psychologists. I have her on the phone every day, she is as stable as you are. I have never noticed a split personality, nor a change in the voice.

Aminata Diallo allegedly had an intimate relationship posing as a male individual.

As a reminder, released under judicial supervision last Wednesday, after five days in pre-trial detention, Aminata Diallo remains at the center of the Kheira Hamraoui case. She is still suspected of ordering the attack on her former teammate.

“Today, we are claiming my client’s innocence,” his attorney said, adding that Diallo was devastated. He says it with a lot of force and conviction. Today I have a file and I read the file. To date there is no material element that allows linking my client with the attackers. She is considered a victim in this case.”

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