Amnesty International continues to attack the Blues for the Qatar World Cup

Already alerting the Blues, last May, to obtain a reaction to the violation of human rights in Qatar, Amnesty International decided to give a layer, this Friday. Through a barrage of tweets, the organization once again places the French team at the forefront of its responsibilities. “Dear Blues, on May 19 we wrote you a letter asking you to comment on the issue of human rights violations in Qatar, writes the NGO. A letter that you may have read, but to which we have had no response. Didier Deschamps, whom we had also contacted, had announced, however, that same day in a press conference that he could speak freely and that he would not oppose the questioning of the players towards Qatar or the FFF. Despite everything, you remained silent.”Amnesty first indicates before highlighting the attitude of Denmark, future rival of the France team in the League of Nations.

What’s next after this announcement?

“No individual intervention in the media or collective petition evoking the issue of human rights in this country. Deafening silence in the face of the thousands of migrant workers who have died on construction sites in Qatar, continues Amnesty. From you, we expected better. On Sunday, you will face the Denmark national team in a match. For us, the Danish team is the big favorite to win the commitment challenge. And for that, we will support him. In fact, the sponsors of the Danish national team have decided to remove their logos from the players’ training shirts and replace them with a message in favor of human rights in Qatar. A forceful gesture, supported by the Danish football federation. This is not an isolated case..

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