An active player with more than €25M at the end of his contract this season

LOSC transfer contracts

Jonathan Bamba still has a few months left on his contract with LOSC.

Executives of yesterday or today, in LOSC there are no less than seven, to possibly live his last months with the shirt of the Mastiffs. For at least one of them, the adventure is sure to end on June 30, if not before January, as Lille president Olivier Létang has publicly expressed annoyance with him, with winger Isaac Lihadji. “Isaac, his future is not in LOSC,” he specifically said, before adding: “It’s up to him if he wants to play football or do something else. » Ambient…

Soon the end of Isaac Lihadji’s failure for LOSC

At 20 years old, the former Marseille player has a future ahead of him, but to better reflect the failure he represents, his valuation in the transfer market, a time close to twenty million euros, is now ten times lower. At least. With him, the other six players who have contracts in LOSC until 2023, weigh just over 25 million euros estimated in the transfer market. Only the future of André Gomes in midfield escapes the Lille club’s board, because the player is on loan from Everton, in the Premier League, and there would be no purchase option in the operation.

Seven players are affected by the June 30, 2023 deadline

All of the players below, except for Gomes, will be able to freely negotiate their future somewhere other than LOSC, starting January 1, 2023, if not extended by then. This applies in particular to the Spanish captain José Fonte, who lives perhaps less in his last months, less perhaps in the north of France, than in his career as a whole. At 38 years old, for him, decisions are made day by day.

Players out of contract in 2023 at LOSC

Jonathan Bamba = 10 million euros
Benjamin Andre = €5M
Remy Cabella = 5 million euros
André Gomes = €5M (loan without purchase option)
Jose Fonte = 3 million euros
Isaac Lihadji = 2 million euros
Ismaeli = €1M

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