And the most handsome man in the world for Brad Pitt is…

Brad Pitt in Port Weak. (Paris, July 16, 2022.) Abaca

“I usually take it back. This time I’m going to be nice,” the Oscar-winning actor joked into the microphone of fashion, Wednesday, September 21.

The question is misleading. “Who are the most beautiful men in the world, past and present?” asked the magazine fashion a Brad Pitt, in a video posted on Wednesday, September 21 on Instagram. The American actor chose among the men of “his his” his world, that is to say “the world of actors, because it is my daily job…”. An interview conducted at Château de Miraval, his estate in Provence, on the occasion of the launch of his skincare line, Le Domaine.

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Paul Newman

Without hesitation, Brad Pitt names first Paul Newman, “because he has aged so gracefully”; the 58-year-old interviewee, tanned and nonchalantly settled in his chair, could almost have been referring to himself.

To the plastic beauty of the deceased actor, Brad Pitt adds another criterion: “And in all aspects, he was a really special, generous, warm and sincere human being.” The lucky winner, “the man with the blue eyes the best known in movie history,” he was also a man involved in the civil rights movement of the 1960s and fought against the Vietnam War.

…and george clooney

“If I had to name someone from the present, well, I have to name this encu ** of George Clooney, because why not?”, continues the actor. “Because normally I always shoot him, and he shoots me too. This time, I’m going the other way, just this once!”

During this interview, the Hollywood star also shed light on his ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow who inspired him to create his skincare line. “I love what Gwyneth did with Goop… She’s probably the first one who made me wash my face twice a day,” she says. A secret of youth that allows you to grow old with such grace ?

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