APLs no longer follow the rise in rents

Depreciation of 5 euros, no revaluation… For several years, the amount of personalized housing assistance (PLA) peaks while rents continue to rise. A study by the Union sociale pour l’habitat, published on the occasion of the HLM Congress and broadcast by the echoes, Thursday September 22 points to the ability of APLs to “make low-income households creditworthy.”

These housing subsidies are supposed to cover part of the rent beneficiaries within the limit of a maximum rent set according to the geographical area and the composition of the household. For a single person, it can vary between 243 and 298 euros per month. Except that the evolution of APL has not followed that of rents. “They are in charge of closing the gap between the evolution of rents and that of income. In recent years, rents have increased considerably in private housing. In social housing, rents are regulated, but the income of the tenants public housing have fallen because of their impoverishment,” emphasizes Dominique Hoorens, director of economic and financial studies at USH.

The APL, for their part, did not follow the same curve. As of October 1, 2017, all beneficiaries had seen their housing assistance reduced by 5 euros. In 2018 it had not been revalued… Finally, “the ceiling rents have increased less than the rents of recent years. And, more and more tenants find themselves with part of their rent -which is above the ceiling rent- that is no longer (…)

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