Apple would prepare 4 big announcements for 2023

For the year 2023, Apple would prepare several great news apart from its usual renewals of iPhone and Apple Watch.

iMac M1 2021 Apple Logo Review (14)
Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

We are not going to forecast the obvious and already expected announcement of an iPhone 15 for September 2023 in this article. Let’s focus instead on the other devices that Apple would be preparing for its year 2023. It is the journalist Mark Gurman who draws the contours in your latest newsletter.

The Apple Reality Pro headset

This is, without a doubt, the most important novelty planned by Apple in 2023. The firm should finally lift the veil on its augmented or virtual reality solution. Apple has already introduced some names like Reality Pro and has been leading augmented reality on iOS for several years. Various rumors and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo even predict a January 2023 announcement.

The 15-inch MacBook

The MacBook range is already very complete today, but it is mainly focused on ultraportables. In 2023, Apple would like to offer a product in a more familiar format. It is believed to be a MacBook Air with 15 or 16-inch panelsimilar to the high-end MacBook Pro.

Apple MacBook Air M2 Review 3
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This new MacBook Air should take up the design codes of the macbook air m2 that we know in 2022. It is difficult to know if this new product will be unveiled at the beginning of the year or if Apple will prefer to wait for the renewal of the generation with Apple M3 chip.

Mac Pro: the last Mac would lose its Intel chip

It is also for 2023 that we expect the announcement of the last Mac to make its transition to Apple Silicon, the Mac Pro. The very high-end desktop PC still uses an Intel chip today.

Apple Mac Pro
The Mac Pro // Source: Apple

It is rumored that this new Mac Pro should integrate a new M2 Extreme chipTwice the size and performance of the Ultra chip found in MacStudio.

It’s a HomePod, a FaceTime camera, and an Apple TV.

Perhaps Steve Jobs would have presented the product like this:It’s an Apple TV, it’s a Homepod, and it’s a FaceTime camera…“. The firm would prepare a hybrid product that fulfilled these three functions for the home. It would therefore be both a smart speaker, a product capable of transmitting content including Apple TV + as a device to make video calls on FaceTime.

This is reminiscent of attempts by Amazon or Facebook like the echo show where he facebook portal.

a busy year

Here is an interesting review of the changes that Apple could offer in 2023. All this without counting the renewal of Macs and iMacs to an Apple M3 chip or the changes that are expected for iPhone and its accessories, including the move to USB-C.

Therefore, Apple fans can look forward to 2023. They should not be bored.

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