As Wall Street Burns, NASDAQ Prepares for a Major Hit on Cryptocurrencies

Nasdaq better than Celsius? – The Nasdaq is about to pass a historic milestone and join the crypto adventure a little more. The company is in talks with the relevant authorities to launch its own cryptocurrency management fund. The second market in the United States by volume (behind the New York Stock Exchange) already had a gap in the sector and intends to take a step forward.

As with cryptocurrencies, the appetite comes with the food.

the powerful nasdaq group who also runs the Boston and Philadelphia stock exchanges is no stranger to the crypto market. already offers market surveillance services and solutions specialized for this new class of assets.

According to interviewed sources Per The Block, the Nasdaq would like to launch its own crypto asset management platform on behalf of institutional investors. This would mean the arrival of a new major player on the market, who would join PwC, Gemini, Fidelity and many others.

NASDAQ and Bitcoin, a story made to last?

Nasdaq has already created a division specially oriented to this new activity, Nasdaq Digital Assets. The US stock market is currently waiting for the green light from the regulator, again according to the same sources.

The arrival of institutional investors was part of the narratives that helped drive Bitcoin, Ethereum and the others to heights during the last cycle. They keep investing and the sphere of traditional finance is increasingly merging with the crypto universe. A KPMG report dating back to 2020 took stock of the opportunities related to the “ crypto custody » and cryptocurrency management services.

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