Audience: “Astrid and Raphaëlle” ends in style on France 2, Bourvil’s big hit on France 3

And in the end, “Astrid and Raphaëlle” wins. On Friday night on France 2, in its last week on the air, the French series produced by JLA Productions with Sara Mortensen and Lola Dewaere thrilled an average of 4.44 million viewers according to Médiamétrie, for a market share of 23 .7% compared to the two episodes, consisting of an unpublished and a replacement. The only unpublished one brought together 5.18 million people (25.2% of 4+). A week ago, fiction had been followed by an average of 4.71 million viewers (25.3% of the public and 10.0% of the FRDA-50).

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“Dance with the stars” in small format on TF1 for the general public

On TF1, the sequel to season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars”, co-produced by BBC Studios France and TF1 Production, made 2.70 million dance lovers of all genres dream, that is, 14.1% of the public and 32.0% of women. responsible for purchases under fifty (FRDA-50). Last Friday, the program directed by Camille Combal had federated 2.93 million fans (16.4% of the public and 32.8% of the FRDA-50).

France 3 is third with the unpublished documentary “The Bourvil Crossing”, directed by Bernard Faroux. The trajectory of this cult actor, traveled 52 years after his disappearance, has revived the nostalgia of 2.35 million people. The market share is 11.8%. Very good score for a documentary on the channel: last week, a documentary dedicated to Jane Birkin was seen by just 607,000 French people (3.3% of 4+).

M6 stays behind with an unpublished program “Look for a flat or a house: what have they become”, presented by Stéphane Plaza. The real estate specialist delighted 1.62 million fans, with an audience share of 8.6% (16.0% in FRDA-50). A week ago, an unprecedented “Search for a flat or a house” attracted 1.99 million viewers (11.3% of the public and 19.8% of the FRDA-50).

As for the other channels, in Arte, the German unit “A young girl disappears” was scrutinized by 1.22 million viewers, or a 6.0% market share.

to retain

Despite a slightly lower rating for one week, the French series “Astrid and Raphaëlle” ends its third season with a new audience success. On the air since August 26, fiction has led prime time audiences every Friday. On TF1, ‘Dance with the Stars’ is at its lowest point among the general public since the launch of its 12th season -the conflict with Canal+ does not make it easy-, but it retains a solid score in the target acclaimed by advertisers : female purchasing managers under the age of 50 (FRDA-50) with a market share of 32.0%, that is, double that achieved by Stéphane Plaza in M6.

On France 3, Friday afternoons follow each other but are not the same. After the failure of the documentary dedicated to Jane Birkin last week, the one dedicated last night to Bourvil paid the luxury of doubling M6.

* The audience of the channels of the TF1 group has been impacted since Friday, September 2, 2022 after Canal+ cut the signal of its channels in its offers and in the TNT Sat service.

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