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Arriving next Tuesday, August 9th, our Next Drop pod will focus on improving the player experience on multiple fronts. This update is set to expand each player’s customization options, include QoL improvements, and lay the groundwork for community-requested features.

Let’s see what’s inside!


Visors will now work on all cores

Currently, there are a lot of Visors in the game divided into 5 Armor Corps. If you want to use the shiny gold noble visor (which is now discontinued in the Mark V.) [B] Armor Corps) To complete your look on any of your other Corps, you’ll be able to do so when the August Drop Pod descends.

This means that all Visors that are currently in play, and all future armor from the Corps will work in all helmets.

A Mark V [B] A Spartan armor with a bright yellow visor stands in the hall.
EAGLESTRIKE’S Night Wisp A Mark V . on the balcony [B] helmet.
The yoroi with the gilded visor stands in the Spartan Armor Hall.
RAKSHASA’s Athena mirror visor on YOROI helmet.

Mark VII Helmet Attachment

Continuing the theme of improving customization options, this drop pod will allow certain Mark VII helmet attachments to be worn on multiple Mark VII helmets.

This is in response to player feedback we’ve seen requesting an extension to the Mark VII helmet attachment’s compatibility. Naturally, this move came with some complications as most helmet attachments for the Mark VII Core are designed to fit a specific helmet, but some fit well on other Mark VII helmets as well.

The Live team took some time with our cast to find out which helmet attachments looked best and without any awkwardly clipped or large holes. Since some combinations may have clippings or large gaps, not every Mark VII helmet will be able to use every helmet attachment – ​​but the total number of options has increased significantly.

If you have already unlocked these helmets and helmet attachments, they will automatically become usable. If you unlock them in the future, all possible combinations will be unlocked for you. They will not need to be unlocked on a per-use basis.

A full list of helmet and helmet attachment combinations will be included in the Drop Pod patch notes when it goes live.

A Mark VII Spartan wearing a helmet attachment stands in Armor Hall.
Soldier helmet attachment on a rampart helmet.
mark v [B]Stalwart visor on Mark VII helmet.
A Mark VII Spartan wearing a helmet attachment stands in the Armor Hall.
Warmmaster Helmet Attachment on Firefall Helmet.
RAKSHASA sapphire front visor on a Mark VII helmet.


Extra Ranked Playlists

On the multiplayer experience front, this update will make it easier for us to implement more ranked playlists going forward. Closing things out will be Ranked Doubles, which is set to land two weeks after the release of Drop Pod — along with a CSR reset. Additionally, there will be a social team doubles playlist with ranked doubles on its launch day, meaning Halo Infinite will get twice the fun of 2v2.

We’ll monitor the health of ranked doubles and all of our playlists once we’ve joined the matchmaking lineup. If all playlists continue to perform as expected, we’ll keep these additions and continue to experiment with adding more ranked playlists in the future.

Two Spartans stand ready, holding BR.

Select Area Base

In the opening of this blog, we mentioned that we are laying some groundwork for the future as well. While there’s no player-facing change here right now Still, this drop pod covers a lot of the groundwork needed to turn on region selection in the future. This will allow players to choose between searching for all regions (faster search times) or all in their local area (better ping).

This feature is still some time away, but players can find some of the backend work that has been done to get things started. We’ll have more to share about the Region Select as we get closer to its launch.


Challenges on the pause menu

With this drop pod release, your active challenges during a match will be viewable on the pause menu. We know it’s helpful to have a quick look at your active challenges (as well as their details) at any point during the match, so we’re very happy to have it implemented.

A screenshot of the pause menu, which shows the challenges on the right.
Note: This placeholder text is not an indication of future challenges.

Please note: This screen will not yet show the exact number (balance or total) for your challenges. Since challenges currently update at the end of a match, we deliberately chose not to display the numbers to avoid any confusion about not seeing them updated in real time. We’re working to make it so many challenges Doing Tick ​​off during a match, but we wanted to take this helpful first step for all of you as it was ready.

As always, we’ll have full patch notes available on the Halo support site ( when the update is released.

Thank you for your continued feedback on us waypoint forum, Twitter, Reddit, and more, as we’re pushing to make Hello Infinite the best experience possible. We look forward to seeing you online when the Drop Pod lands next Tuesday, August 9th!

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