Battle of billionaires to win M6

Billionaires rush to buy M6. The purchase offers for the Six were due to be presented on Friday, September 23, before 4 p.m. Three offers were presented by the Czech oligarch Daniel Kretinsky, the telecommunications magnate Xavier Niel associated with the Berlusconi family, and by a trio formed by the producer Stéphane Courbit, shipowner Rodolphe Saadé and financier Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière. Other offers may have been made by those who had already consulted the file last year, such as another telecom magnate Patrick Drahi or NRJ owner Jean-Paul Baudecroux. On the other hand, Vivendi* would not have submitted an offer, according to Bloomberg.

According to point, the offers would amount to 1,100 million euros to buy 48.3% of M6 held by the German Bertelsmann. “The profitability of M6 allows financing a third with debt, so two thirds must be contributed in cash,” indicates an industrial source.

The winner must be decided quickly, because time is running out. In fact, the law prohibits any resale of a TNT channel within five years of the granting of its broadcasting license. However, the authorization of the Six must be renewed on May 5, 2023. According to M6, the sale must be fully completed before the submission of applications in early 2023, and specifically having received fire from the competition gendarmes and audiovisual. This busy schedule favors buyers who pose fewer competitive problems, that is, (…)

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