Best US EV Prices & Deals in High Demand Market

Want to buy an electric vehicle now? So is everyone, apparently. EVs’ in-stock dealer inventory is at best, if not completely liquidated, albeit at a high level. $66,000. Average transaction value in response to, But don’t lose hope—there are relative deals that are priced under $66,000, sell for closer to the MSRP, and are available for sooner delivery than later.

As always, check out our Electric Vehicle Best Price Guide And Electric Vehicle Best Lease Guide For prices and deals on EVs in the US.

Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV

Based on our latest survey of current dealer inventory, Bolt EV and EUV are the most widely available EVs in the country. Couple that calling this week with our review Chevy Bolt best value EV in America, However, many of these vehicles are “in transit,” “reserved,” “pending sale,” or otherwise immediately unavailable. The good news is that there is less waiting time for vehicles in transit, measured in days and weeks rather than months.

GM Bolt Production

Chevrolet started advertising huge discounts on its 2022 Bolt lineup soon after it was announced $6,000 price cut for 2023 model, A new Bolt EV can now cost as little as $26,595 after a $5,900 rebate, while a $6,300 rebate on the Bolt EUV reduces its net cost to $28,195 before taxes, licenses, and any state incentives.

We found many dealers advertising their inventory at MSRP Before the discount, a welcome sight in the market where the average transaction price of a non-luxury vehicle is $1,017 above the MSRP. Our latest analysis of data from new car pricing websites aligns with the figures we are seeing in online dealer inventory, with the 2022 Bolt EV/EUV priced at $335 below the average MSRP before the discount was applied. This is the best in months for any electric vehicle.

Prefer to lease? If so, Chevrolet continues as the king of low-cost EV leasing by offering the Bolt EV $219/month for 36 months, $2,849 due for signing, Which calculates to an average monthly cost of $292 before taxes and licenses. Their Bolt EUV lease deal is a bit high with an average monthly cost of $315/month. Undercut factory lease terms for both the Nissan LEAF S ($382-$438/month), Hyundai Kona Electric ($380/month), Mazda MX-30 ($355/month), and Nissan LEAF SL Plus ($544-$587/month) offer. With a noticeable amount. Find deals on Chevrolet Bolt EV either Bolt EUV in your area.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV: MSRP $32,495 (1LT). 5-passenger, 4-door crossover. Range: 259m Cargo Space: 16.6 cu ft; 57 cubic feet with the rear seats down. 0-60 mph: 6.5s.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV: MSRP $34,495 (LT). 5-passenger, 4-door crossover. Range: 247mi. Cargo Space: 16.3 cu ft; 56.9 cubic feet with the rear seats down. 0-60 mph: 6.7s.

Volkswagen ID.4

The ID.4 is not necessarily present in dealer inventory for most of the year, ie until recently 2022 models of the ID.4 started arriving at VW showrooms across the country. It is now one of the most widely available electric vehicles by our observations, and supply is expected to improve further this fall Recent Beginning of ID.4 Production in Chattanooga, Tennessee,

EPA Range ID.4

As far as the price is concerned, we worked at two dealerships – or vw Texas and in O’Meera VW In Colorado – those offering over $1,000 off on ID.4. Unsurprisingly, most other Volkswagen retailers list their stock at MSRP, and data we’ve gathered from various new car pricing websites indicates an average markup of $663. Variation is worst in the San Francisco/San Jose area, where fair value estimates range from $339 below the MSRP to a painful $4,561 at the MSRP – so buyers in that area need to negotiate to actually shop and avoid running away Is. Check VW ID.4 availability and pricing in your area.

2022 Volkswagen ID.4: MSRP $42,525 (Pro S RWD), $50,705 (Pro S AWD). 5-passenger, 4-door SUV. Range: 280mi (Pro RWD), 245mi (Pro S AWD). Cargo Space: 30.3 cubic feet; With the rear seats down 64.2 cu. 0-60 mph: 7.7 s (RWD), 5.7 s (AWD). qualifies for $7,500 Electric Vehicle Federal Tax Credit,

BMW i4

Thinking about ordering a base Model 3 but don’t want to wait until the end of the year to take ownership of it? Check out the BMW i4 eDrive40, which is currently in stock at many dealerships. Unlike GM or Tesla, BMW Electrics is still eligible for $7,500 Federal EV Tax Credit, which reduces the cost of the i4 from its $56,395 MSRP to $48,895, which is only $455 more than the Model 3. In addition to a quicker delivery time, the i4 buys another 34 miles of EPA-estimated range (301 miles, versus) for an additional $455. 267 miles for the standard range Model 3 and an arguably more versatile hatchback configuration. What is sacrificed, however, is half the cargo capacity behind the rear seats, no frunk and driving/parking assistance features that are standard on the Model 3 but not included in the i4 eDrive40 base price.

Feel the need for speed? The i4 is the M50, the all-wheel-drive version of the i4 that blasts from zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds. That’s about half a second faster than Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range, and six-tenths slower than the Model 3’s performance. Coincidentally (or maybe not), after implementing the $7,500 federal EV tax exemption and adding the driving assist and parking assist option net to $62,200—about half between Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range and Performance versions. While the i4 M50’s straight-line performance and pricing appear to be on par with those of its Tesla rivals, it doesn’t have a 270-mile range, so it’ll roll to 45 miles fewer stops of the two comparable Model 3 versions when it comes to less. full charge.

From a dealership pricing perspective, we did not find a single dealer on our website deviating from the MSRP – a policy that was adopted by BMW retailers across the country a few years back, shortly after we started looking for and tracking dealer discounts. had done. on electric vehicles. So, turning to data gathered from new-car pricing websites for guidance, the fair price on the i4 eDrive40 seems to average just $298 at the MSRP. The Variance was the worst in the — you guessed it — San Francisco/San Jose area, with prices ranging from an $852 discount to a $4,117 markup. Find the best BMW i4 prices in your area.

2022 BMW i4: MSRP $56,395 (eDrive40), $67,300 (M50). 5-passenger, 4-door liftback sedan. Range: 301mi (eDrive40), 270mi (M50). Cargo Space: 10 cu ft. 0-60mph: 5.5s (eDrive40), 3.7s (M50). qualifies for $7,500 Electric Vehicle Federal Tax Credit,

quick takes

Hyundai IONIQ 5: This rolling work of art is getting harder and harder. We estimate this now represents less than 5% of all available new EVs in dealer inventory, thanks to prime-time commercials starring Jason Bateman. Most of the Hyundai dealer websites we track once listed their IONIQ 5 stock on the MSRP are now announcing a market adjustment of at least $3,000 or adding dealer-installed options of up to $5,000 . what else? We, the public, are just paying for it. Obviously, the car is so good. Data from new car pricing websites corroborate this with an average fair value value that has increased from the MSRP to $3,569. All that said, we found some dealers bucking the trend, including Larry H. miller hyundai in Arizona (all IONIQ 5 stocks are listed in MSRP) and Mission Hills Hyundai in the Los Angeles area (MSRP plus $1,495 “Security Package”). Find the best Hyundai IONIQ 5 prices near you.

For EV6: Instead of relying on star power to sell its flagship electric vehicle, Kia opted to employ a robo-dog to raise our heartstrings, first during the Super Bowl and then during the prime-time TV slot. during the months. would have worked, because like its retro-style platform sibling (IONIQ 5), buyers have driven the EV6’s fair market value higher and higher—now an average $4,297 markup by our estimate, and that’s on top of a $500 increase. is on. MSRP on all trim levels. Vehicles in stock are rare, but there are some that can be had for a reasonable price. For example, classic kia is advertising the EV6 in Texas at MSRP at just $90, and doral kia is listing an EV6 in Florida at MSRP and a $999 dealer fee. Check Kia EV6 prices in your area.

Origin GV60: Genesis GV60 The latest model from Hyundai Motor Group based on their e-GMP platform to reach the US shores, and is the most pricier with an MSRP starting at $59,985. Distribution is currently limited to California, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. Origin of the North Coast in New York and Origin of Santa Monica in Los Angeles are currently listing their stock at MSRP, but if history repeats itself, dealer prices will rise in the coming months as awareness of the model builds. Origin of Stevens Creek The San Francisco/San Jose area already has a jump on that trend and is listing every GV60 they have with $7,000 “market adjustments”. Check Genesis GV60 Availability and Price in Your Area,

As always, check out our Electric Vehicle Best Price Guide And Electric Vehicle Best Lease Guide For prices and deals on EVs in the US.

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