Booba on a crusade against the dark side of influencers

After a complaint filed by the rapper, the justice system investigates the practices of Shauna Events founded by Magali Berdah.

You shouldn’t piss him off, Booba.

The French rap heavyweight is known as much for his career as an artist as for his talents as an entrepreneur. In fifteen years, he launched his clothing, perfume or whiskey brands.

But he is also known for his taste for confrontations and his multiple physical altercations, the most notorious being the fight with rapper Kaaris, which began in August 2018, in the middle of Orly airport, which had required the evacuation of passengers and the closure of a terminal for several hours. At 45 years old, Booba has found a new target: the influencers, to whom he has declared total war, denouncing his dubious business practices towards his subscribers on social networks.

At the origin of this digital fight, there is a message published last December by former reality TV star Marc Blata, turned influencer specialized in cryptocurrency brokerage: a story of a fake watch that the rapper allegedly used during a photo shoot. Wounded in his pride, Booba attacks, in response, the sulphurous business of his slanderer and more broadly attacks the economic model of influencers by targeting one of his flag bearers, Magali Berdah, founder of the agency Shauna Events, which connects brands and influencers, taking your commission along the way. Since then, threats, insults, legal complaints and the opening of investigations have followed.

Multiple twists that make social networks happy, but do not raise the level of debates.

As harrowing as it is, this fight between scavengers via tweets has the merit of highlighting a sometimes lurid and insufficiently controlled world. Among his accusations, broadcast on the television program Complément d’Enquête, Booba accuses Magali Berdah of having promoted and generalized the practice of dropshipping, which consists of selling goods over the Internet, generally[…]


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