BoxScore Bits: August 5, 2022


Some thoughts on pitchers from Thursday’s game:

for starters

start of thursday

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business as usual: nothing actionable

remarkable gems: Standouts that deserve some extra attention

  • Jeffrey Springs – Was coming off spring break and coming off two starts in 9.3 IP with a 3.86 ERA and 1.61 WHIP from a foot injury. Enter Tigers! A quick trip to Detroit is always a great way to get back on track perfectly and Springs did just that by coming out with 6 strong innings. He allowed 2 unearned runs on 4 hits with 6 KS and 0 BB. Springs sees someone coming back to your lineup consistently, but now the question is, for how long? He has bowled almost 2x the innings compared to last year (79.3 vs 44.7) and it is fair to wonder if the Rays will let him go for the next two months. I wouldn’t take any preemptive measures specifically with springs (like cutting him without clear word that he’ll be removed or severely shortening his outings), but rather just look to stack as much SP depth You can remove it as much as you can. rotation.
  • cole ragans – The Ragans rose back to Top 100 status in 2017, before a pair of TJ surgeries sidelined them until 2021. He reinvented himself last year and then showed a lot that made him a Top 100 prospect in Double- and Triple-A this year, scoring an excellent 94.7 IP (3.04 ERA/1.12 Whip/29%K) on two levels. The 24-year-old lefty made only 4 walks against 3 in his 5 IP work, but allowed just one unearned run despite a 7 base runner. The downside is that if he stays with the club he is set to visit HOU next week. The 15-team waiver A wasteland of stars complicates Ragan even with tough matchups as I’m now ready to scoop him up as a reserve as he is defeated in the 2-Step v. OAK and MIN will be found. , Monitor him in his 12s and lower for sure.
  • joseph quintana – Q’s move to the STL is one of the best upgrades a mid-level player can get over the time limit. He stays in a strong home park and gets a formidable defense backing it up as he enjoys a throwback season in what looks like his White Sox form. All of that said, he’s probably going to COL next week, but I’m still definitely holding on more deeply in the 12s and I’m also going to sit on him in preparation for the V this week. I’ll consider scooping up. Next week in COL/ARI.
  • Chris Bubik , brady singer It’s been getting a lot of attention of late (and rightly so), but Bubik has been doing some quality work over the past month as well! They have 3.24 ERA and 1.22 WHIP at 41.7 IP. It only comes with a 20% K rate so there hasn’t been any skill change. He has been a deep league workhorse during this race with four straight starts of 6+ IPs and over 5 IPs in 6 out of 7. He will next week start v. A deep league idea remains with the CWS, which has the potential to dream up some of the 12 more shallows.

Fairly good: mostly biz as usual but with some commentary

  • johnny cuto – With a 2.91 ERA and 1.19 WHIP in 96 IP, Cueto has been very good and useful in many formats. He had allowed 11 hits and only had 4 K in TEX, but he still went 8 IPs and only allowed 3 ERs. Overall, we’ll take it! He’s been a lineup fixture and I don’t plan on changing that with a visit to Casey on deck next week.
  • Nick Pivetta — After three straight dudes that wiped out all the good deed of May and June, Pivetta is back to her scary dreamy self. He has a 4.60 ERA in his last three, but with 1.85 whips in 15.7 IPs. He gets the ATL the next week and then prepares for the PIT/BAL one in two phases of the week. I could see him hiding in a darker format and waiting on that 2-step.
  • Paul Blackburn – The comfort level in starting Blackburn has certainly plummeted, thanks to a 7.94 ERA and 1.59 WHIP in its last 8 starts (39.7 IP). At that point he still has a 14% K-BB rate which is actually better than the 12% K-BB rate he had in his first 13 starts when he had 2.26 ERA and 1.07 WHIP. Four single shots did the damage against the Angels, but I’ll take my shot against them at home early next week.

shred: Worst of the Day from Fantasy Relevant Weapons

  • Joe Musgrove – It’s always hard to let the Rockies on the road, but sometimes Ryan McMahon Is found! His 3-run homer in the 5th really impressed the outing and he scored 5 off 6 against Musgrove. that’ll be fine.
  • Kyle Wright – 6 ER in the NYM puts Wright’s ERA at 4.13 compared to his previous 5 starting at 1.25 WHIP, but the real concern is 2.5 HR/9, driven by Thursday’s 4 HR. It was still 1.7 on the other four starts, so it’s fair to question whether there’s a budding HR issue that could be causing him to suffer from the stretch. On the other hand, he’s gone 6+ IPs in five each and the only outing over 3 ERs was against a much stronger Mets lineup. I continue to rely on the Wright as an all-format must-start arm.
  • jacob juniso – At least he threw you 5 Ks, but if you get Junis v. Forced to start LAD, you knew the risks and were comfortable taking them. SD’s visit next week isn’t exactly tempting and his team streamer’s status in the 12-team league and shallow is in some doubt as he hasn’t reached 5 IPs in any of his last four, though the question then becomes : Who are you going to take his place?
  • Noah Syndergaard – If it was CG how could it be a dud? (The game was shortened to 5 IPs for the unaware). We could probably forgive 11H and 4ER if he had more than 2Ks. He was given CIN and v. Her former friends, the Mets, have a tough 2-stage meet. I’m starting it.
  • Johnson Junkie – I mean, it’s right there in the name!

Friday Fabby

Moving on to the weekend, I’ll name a few for the weekend to consider at FAAB. I’ll try to name a name or two for the many league sizes:


  • Cal Raleigh , SEA, C (14% Y!, 4% ESPN) – Hits are finally starting to dwindle a bit for Raleigh and this has quietly made him one of the best catchers of the past 2+ months. He hit just .136 through May with a subtle .143 BABIP, killing him over 74 PA. While he will never be confused for a batting average even at his best, he is better than .136! And we’ve seen his line jump to a delicious .232/.301/.512 since June with 11 HRs at 183 PA (35 full season pace). With a heavy flyball lean (55%) and lots of swing-and-miss (30%), AVG will always be at risk so make sure you’re comfortable buying a power-only profile. He is the 15th ranked C so far and has been a top 5 choice since June 1 with his MLB-best 11 HR (he and Will Smith Is the only CS with 10+ HR from 1st June).
  • Seth Brown , OAK, 1B/OF (22% Y!, 15% ESPN) – Brown feels very widely available for shallow formats. He finished 37th of the season in the OF, but also has 1B/CI qualification, so there should be a place for him in the 3-off, 10-team league as well. someone’s The 29-year-old lefty hitter has so far swiped 16 HR and 8 SB in 345 PA. His .236 Average Is Definitely Not Great, although in this low-AVG environment, it’s good enough considering the rest of the production. While OAK’s offense is terrifying, the volume still has value and Brown is a fixture in the cleanup role!


  • Felix the Baptist , Bal, RP (46% OC, 13% ESPN, 0% Y!) – This is a standard new close game. I think Bautista assumes this role George Lopez Traded and every bit as good as he can be. Bautista has been a force to be reckoned with in a setup role with a 36% K rate in 44.7 IP that assisted her in a 1.81 ERA/0.87 WHIP combo. He has an 8% BB rate and a 1.2 HR/9, but is neither super dangerous, nor should those factors prevent him from success in the close role.


  • JP Sears , Oak, SP (2% ME, 0% everywhere) – A doesn’t need a 5th starter since Montas got Sears from Yankees in deal, but he should Wake up next week and have a chance to last the rest of the season. The lack of discount talent in the deeper formats that I mentioned earlier is another reason I’m interested in Sears. He was excellent in 22 IPs with the NYY (2.05 ERA / 0.86 WHIP) and while he only had an 18% K rate, he has shown a lot of swing-and-misses in his minor league career that led me to believe that his slider will begin to disappear. Get the bat and its K rate back in the low-to-mid 20% range. He is slated to face L.A. next week and will set up on scheduling tex/v. week after sea 2-stage.
  • Teryn Vavras , BAL, 2B/UT (0% Y!, ESPN, OC, ME) – O’s chances were 12th in their organization. Has been a strong side platoon man before his promotion and since his arrival. Their first game was in DH which slots them into UT-only for NFBC formats, while most outlets use the 2B/SS designation obtained in the minors. It’s a one-hit tool driven profile with some potential speed, so if you’re full of power but struggling with AVG, that could be your guy.

OC = NFBC Online Championship (12-TMS)

ME = NFBC Main Program (15-TMS)

drafting game

  • Haven’t done any DKs for a while, but we’ll definitely be starting them again next week!

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