Bruno Le Maire’s announcements about the government budget in 2023

FUTURE EXPENSES – Increase in teachers’ salaries, creation of positions for civil servants and accommodation places for refugees and asylum seekers…

the minister of Economy bruno the mayor unveiled on Monday the main lines of the budget 2023. According to him, “France is the euro close” and therefore cautious about any new spending. 20 minutes puts at your disposal an update of the main announcements of the Minister.

Increase in teachers’ salaries

In the 2023 budget, an allocation of 935 million euros is foreseen to finance an “unprecedented” increase in the salaries of teacherswith an “average 10% base” and increases to pay for additional tasks, according to Bercy’s budget documents.

In addition, an allocation of 1,700 million euros is earmarked to finance the increase in the index point on July 1, 2022 for all ministry personnel. In total, credits for school education increase by 3,700 million euros.

10,764 additional civil servant positions

The government foresees 10,764 additional civil servant positions for the State and its operators in 2023 compared to only 294 planned in 2022, according to the budget project presented this Monday. The Minister of the Interior and Overseas will win 3,109 positions, the Justice Ministry 2,313 positions and the National Education Ministry 2,000 positions, the document details.

Most of the fossil fuels

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