By Jawhar Chatty: Amine Marrakchi, a great pride

Amine Marrakesh. In 2010 she obtained her bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Ariana Pilots High School. Since then, a dazzling journey of excellence. The French Grandes Ecoles, the CNRS and all…

Amine Marrakchi is the winner of the Claude-Antoine Peccot Prize for the year 2021-2022. A serious source of pride for Tunisia and for all Tunisians. A serious source of pride for the Tunisian public school before 2010.

Anis Marrakchi, another great Tunisian pride, pays him a very sober tribute. With great sobriety as it should be between brothers and as only brothers know how to do it.

The Peccot Prize, writes Anis, has been awarded every year since 1885 by the Collège de France to reward two young mathematicians under the age of 30 who have distinguished themselves in the field of theoretical or applied mathematics.

“Like all Peccot Prize winners, Amine will take a course at the Collège de France that will consist of a series of four lectures on his recent research: von Neumann algebras type III.

The course will begin with the study of various examples of classical dynamical systems without invariant measure, from geometry or representation theory. It will emphasize a fundamental object, the modular package, and then introduce the Tomita-Takesaki modular theory. Finally, the course will end with a conjecture that is still open: the Connes bicentralizer problem.

Among the holders of the course and the Peccot Prize are 13 Fields medalists, including Laurent Schwartz, Alexandre Grothendieck, Alain Connes, Pierre-Louis Lions and Cédric Villani.

It’s probably a bit too complicated all that. However, one thing is for sure: it can only be of very high quality. And it is a bit of that immense pride of seeing young Tunisians shine and distinguish themselves internationally in the high (influential) spheres of knowledge that we share with our fellow citizens down here who, to tell the truth, do not seem entirely inclined to optimism. .

We do not know if Amine Marrakchi is a “binational.” If it is to be considered as “Tunisian abroad or Tunisian abroad” to use Anis’s very inspired expression

Marrakesh. Isn’t it the main thing that all the Amines, through the feeling of pride of being Tunisian that they give us, offer us an eloquent illustration of the limits of a decree-law, to put it mildly?

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