Cédric Jimenez, cinema in the heat of the moment

When Cédric Jimenez picks up a cigarette, he delicately brings it to his mouth and burns it at full speed. It is one of the many signs of a personality that he does not like to slack off and races against the clock. He smokes, and that doesn’t appease him, neither he, nor his gestures, nor the flow of his words. The words ring out clearly and his face disappears in a smoky haze. “In my films, I prefer nervous editing. It suits my temperament.” confirms the director, sitting in one of the offices of Chi-Fou-Mi Productions, the company located in Paris, near the Place de la Concorde, which presided over the fate of his previous film, north Ferry, Y Novemberin theaters October 5.

“There is something very excited about him, a desire that manages to share and spread”, valued actress Anais Demoustierone of the headliners of this new feature film. At 46 years old, Cédric Jiménez knows that at least he didn’t stay, that he didn’t get lost along the way. He directed five films and moved the general public with north Ferry, which attracted more than 2.2 million viewers in theaters. and the new, about the fall 2015 attacksIt is one of the most anticipated of this season.

Director Cédric Jimenez, in Paris, September 6.

It is a proven fact: Cédric Jimenez films men in a hurry. And even quite well. If he succeeds, it is because they resemble and admire those who face moments of their existence in which it is impossible to remain serene. Loosely inspired by the Marseille Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) scandal of 2012, of which twelve members were prosecuted for drug trafficking and extortion, north ferry followed three policemen who try to dismantle a drug trafficking network in a city in their own way.

The feature bonus

November It represents less the drama of the terrorist attacks -the deadliest that France has known- than another race against time: that of the men and women of the anti-terrorist subdirectorate (SDAT) during the five days of investigation that followed the murders. A hunt that allowed them to find the trail of one of the intellectual authors of the terrorist command, Abdel Hamid Abaaoudof his cousin Hasna Ait Boulahcen and an accomplice Chakib Akrouh, who was possibly planning an attack on a kindergarten or a defense police station. A search that we know mainly from the images of the attack launched on November 18 by the RAID against the Saint-Denis apartment where they were hiding.

It is this speed, this unbridled relationship with time, that attracted Cédric Jimenez to the script for November, sign Olivier Demangel. The writer had worked on several seasons of the series. dark baron (2018-2019) and signed the history ofAtlantice (2019), by Mati Diop. It wasn’t about psychology, it wasn’t overloaded with superfluous details. “For Cédric, it was necessary for the characters to be taken in their function, explains Olivier Demangel, and that his state of mind is derived from his function. » The screenwriter had learned that an SDAT policewoman was pregnant and had included this fact in his story, thinking it would enrich the script. But Cédric Jimenez found the idea unpleasant. Time seemed too precious to him to leave room for such considerations.

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