Charles “lost” by Harry? This little ambiguous phrase that makes him sad

Prince Harry reportedly told Meghan Markle that he had lost his father. This confidence, revealed in the article in El Corte on August 29, 2022, had caused confusion.

  • On August 29, an article by Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, appeared on The cut.
  • The Duchess of Sussex, 41, showed off her new life in America.
  • Among other revelations, Meghan Markle confided this comment from Harry about his father.

The interview conducted by journalist Allison P Davis was held at the mansion in Sussex California, in Montecito. Among other pumps Launched by Prince Harry’s wife, there was his revelation about your comment. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, 37, would have confided in him one day: “I lost my father in this process.“. This little phrase would have caused confusion because the youngest son of Carlos III would not have do not refer to the latter.

According to the entourage of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, 41, the son of Carlos III would have referred to the wife’s father and not of him. The source confided in daily mail the day after the publication of Meghan Markle’s article. According to this close friend of the former actress, Prince Harry was referring to The break between Meghan Markle and her fatherThomas Markle. “This was a comment from Harry about Meghan Markle’s family situation“, confirms the source of the Daily mail.

Charles III: The King of England loves his two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William

On August 30, 2022, another source, this time close to King Carlos III, trusted some the effect of this statement daily mail. According to this relative of the son of Queen Elizabeth II of England, the former Prince of Wales, loves his two sons, and even more. This source also noted that King Charles III of England would be “saddenedif her relationship with her son, Prince Harry, was lost. On June 30, author Katie Nicholl had already said that Prince Charles “loves his son. She wants to forgive her son, for everything. He wants to fix this relationship and move on.“.

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