Claire Bové and Laura Tarantola qualify for the World Championship lightweight double sculls final

Hugo Beurey and Ferdinand Ludwig (also in double PL) also secured their ticket to the final after finishing third in the semi-finals.

Laura Tarantola and Claire Bové suspected the Americans Reckford and Sechser. Well Named. The latter clearly dominated this Thursday (7’1”03 by 7’4”23) over the Olympic runners-up in the lightweight double scull semifinals of the World Racing Championship (RTC). This does not put the French’s qualification for the final in doubt, but it does mark a setback.

As well as heavy British favorites Craig and Grant (victorious in the other semi-final), we’ll have to count on the Americans in Saturday’s title fight. “We had a good race. says Laura Tarantola. We were in a semifinal that was not won beforehand (Italian Olympic champions Rodini and Cesarini, 4th, were eliminated). It’s not a disappointment, we’re happy to qualify for the final.”. “There were great passages, others not so good, continues Claire Bové, but that leaves us things to work on before the final. Very manageable stuff in 48 hours. »

If the gap was made in the third 500, his trainer Frédéric Perrier believes it was just before the middle of the race that it happened. “The Americans kept a hyper-steady pace, he said, while Laura and Claire, without realizing it, have arrived a little late and have not found the solutions to return. There was a bit of doubt, but we talked about it, there are solutions for the final. »

Enthusiastic Ludwig

Another French double PL qualified for the final, that of Hugo Beurey and Ferdinand Ludwig. Thibaud Chapelle’s protégés finished third in their career, 60 hundredths behind Tokyo bronze medalists Italians Oppo and Ruta. “The last time I saw them was on television, and there we are running them, young Ferdinand Ludwig gets excited. It is my first world championship for adults and reaching a final is close to my heart. There was pressure in the semifinal, for the final (Saturday) it will be another race. »

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“We were in the hard part between the start and the 1000, says Hugo Beurey, then we did a 1000 second so as not to worry. This is our first final, we can’t wait to be there. » Trained this year, his ship has the means to reach the pontoon of honor on Saturday, but it is far from safe.

The rest of the boats entered on Thursday failed in their search for a place in the final. The quadruple sculls of Brunet, Marcelot and the Onfroy brothers had the misfortune to fall in a semi-final that was too tough. Fourth, they are now aiming for a victory in Final B.

In the non-Olympic category, Baptiste Savaete caused a surprise by qualifying for the PL single scull final (third in his semi-final).




Four without helmsman : 1. Holland, 6’2”96;…6. France (Pfister-Rayet-Turlan-Chamorand), 6’14”51 (eliminated)

four oar : 1. Poland, 5’48”18; 2. Romania, 5’49”85; 3. Holland, 5’51”13; Four. France (V. Onfroy-Brunet-Marcelot-Th. Onfroy), 5’59”40 (el.)


Skiff : 1. Papakonstinou (GRE), 7’2”46;…3. Savaete, 7’7”03 (qualified for the final).

two of a couple. me : 1. Czech Republic, 6’26”94; 2. Italy, 6’28”21; 3. France (Beurey-Ludwig), 6’28”81 (qualification for the final). II : 1. Ireland, 6’24”41


Four without helmsman : 1. Holland, 6’44”10;…6. France (Cornelis-Brosse-Seein-M. Cornut), 7’3”91 (el.)


two of a couple. me : 1. Great Britain, 6’58”67. II : 1. United States, 7’1”03; two. France (Tarantola-Bové), 7’4”23 (qualification for the final)

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