Coaching PSG, the good start to the season, confesses Galtier

Christophe Galtier made a very good start on the PSG bench. In 11 matches in all competitions, he has won 10 by a single draw. His players scored 35 goals for only 6 conceded. Due to the international break, the former Lille coach leads a restricted group with the reinforcement of several Parisian titis. During this quieter period for him, the Rouge & Bleu technician relied on a PSG-TV. Selected excerpts

Coaching PSG, a special job?

It’s a coach’s job, a coach’s job, on the pitch of course, just like anywhere else. With the particularity of working with very high-level and world-class players. Then there is everything that comes with working at Paris Saint-Germain, the exposure of the club, the players and also my position. It is a position where there is international visibility and it is an incredible sounding board.. For this reason, it is necessary to be as natural as possible in day-to-day management with the players, ensuring that everything that is said remains as confidential as possible because later everything is greatly amplified. Y with this media exposure I notice that finally, when you are in Paris-Saint-Germain, the glass is always in half emptyit’s never half full. We must also be very careful, and not let ourselves be overwhelmed by criticism.

Best start for a new PSG manager

You teach me! I didn’t have that stat, but Honestly, I think we’re off to a good start.. The fact that there are smiles… The results mean that there are many smiles, but the opposite can also be true! Lots of smiles, such great results! This group cohesion is very important and there is a desire to do things together. It is very important that when the players arrive here at the Training Center they are very happy to come to work, to meet, to exchange and share every day. Is there a particular recipe? Nope, I am very natural, I am very frank with the players, very direct, simply.

How to develop world class players?

Yes, you can always improve a player, especially mentally. On a technical level, the players I have are at an extraordinary level. But you have to make them progress on a mental level., in the demand, in what our work demands, in everything that we must put into preparing for a session, in preparing for a match, in concentration, in determination. Not making them progress at a tactical level, but insisting on what we want to see from the team, on the positioning that the players must have, on that positioning that later becomes movement, obviously there is a lot of work. When you’re at Paris Saint-Germain, people forget about all that.. There is a lot of work on the part of my coaching staff, my analysts, my physical trainers and myself so that some play for others and above all, I insist, to put each other on their strengths. The hard work is here..

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