Commanders’ Camp Note: Curtis Samuel Wounded, Return of Antonio Gibson


After Curtis Samuels missed at least part of practice for the third day in a row on Monday, Washington Commanders coach Ron Rivera acknowledged there is “some concern” about the wide receiver’s “overall football conditioning and size” and said the team’s He has a plan to get him back on the field.

“It has nothing to do with it” back injury last yearRivera said.

On Thursday, the second day of camp, Samuel poked fun at a cornerback in impressive fashion, giving teammate Terry McLaurin a flashback to his days at Ohio State and hinting that his injury problem might be behind him. But the next day, Samuel took part only in individual exercises, and on Saturdays and Mondays he sat out completely. Rivera said Samuel complained of pain in his hamstrings and lower back.

On Sunday, the commanders’ scheduled day off, Samuel met with head athletic trainer Al Bellamy and his staff.

“They have put together a plan … and they are implementing it now,” Rivera said. “There will be ramp-ups, and they’ll slow back. … There will also be times when he’ll be negotiating, getting some 11-on-11’s work, and stuff like that. But that’s all That’s part of the plan. The ultimate goal is really the regular season.”

Last year, Rivera spent weeks at camp and in the regular season insisting that Samuel, with a groin injury, was fine and following a plan. Rivera often said that the team was limiting Samuel “very carefully”. In late November, it was revealed that Samuel had had core muscle surgery in June.

In Ashburn, as it has become a habit for Samuel to watch practice rather than attend, there has been a sense of deja vu foreshadowing.

“We have to be smart with it,” Rivera said. “We’re going to stick with the plan.”

After ramping up for the first four days, Antonio Gibson took part in full team practice for the first time on Monday. This was the plan from the start for the 24-year-old running back, who has suffered multiple injuries in his first two seasons, including a hip and toe.

On the field, Gibson looked more fluid and explosive than last season, when he played around 235 pounds. This off season, She Lost About 10 Pounds of “Bad Weight” To become faster and more explosive.

During one rep of 11-on-11, running back coach Randy Jordan praised Gibson for taking the blitz at pass safety.

“I feel great,” Gibson said. “It’s good to be back at last.”

For the second time in four drills, the defense dominated. In a four-play sequence, it intercepted three interceptions – two from Carson Wentz and one from Taylor Heinicke.

First, cornerback Kendall Fuller — probably the best player ever in the camp — undercut receiver Cam Sims on a short route. In the next play, Wentz overtook 6-foot-6 tight end Cole Turner on an out-breaking route, and the safety work curl glided under it for an easy pick.

Two plays later, rookie safety Percy Butler jumped a route to cap the run.

“Ahhhh!” Defensive back coach Chris Harris shouted, looking like he might be happily ascending to heaven. “They s— ‘Commando Lockdown!’ Going to start saying!”

During the water break, Curl turned to wide receivers coach Drew Terrell, who stood alongside Jahan Dotson, McLaurin and Samuel.

“We told you to calm down before practice!” Karl said with a smile. Terrell approached the good-natured Shadowbox.

In red-zone practice, the offense had some success, but in the final round of 11-on-11, Wentz threw another easy interception, this time to the safety of Bobby McCain.

,[The offense] I’ll probably have to listen to it all day,” Gibson said sternly. “So tomorrow we’re going to come out here, and we’re going to have the boys behind them.”

Right guard Trai Turner (quad), tight end John Bates, defensive back de Juan Neil, defensive back Troy Epke and Samuel missed practice with injuries. Samuel wore a black sleeve on his right leg; There was one to the left of Bates.

Center Chase Roulier (Fibula), who was active from a physically disabled performance list last week, took his first-team snap on Monday in nine-on-nine drills, but did not take part in 11-on-11.

During red-zone practice, Wentz threw a dart behind the end zone, and Cole Turner dived for it, accidentally going headfirst into the field goal Stanchien. He picked up quickly and uneventfully, and a trainer put him through trials in the backfield. A few plays later, the tight end re-entered and seemed fine for the rest of the practice.

Former defensive end Ryan Kerrigan, who announced his retirement on Friday, returned to practice on Monday to advise defensive ends. On Saturday, he expressed interest in coaching, saying he loved football too much to leave it, and Rivera said the team had spent a few weeks asking Kerrigan to help coach the defensive ends in an informal capacity. held a program.

“See what the grind is – see if it works for you,” Rivera said. “I told him, … ‘It took me about a year and a half’ [into retirement] Before I decided that I really wanted to go into coaching.’ …he wanted to get a feel for it. We’re going to give him a couple of weeks, and then we’ll reevaluate him.”

On Tuesday, the sixth exercise of the camp, the commander will put up the pad for the first time.

“The intensity is going to be higher because it always is,” Rivera said. “We just have to be smart in terms of making sure we’re careful to do things the right way. We don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Practice will be one of the highlights of what’s been a long week: Washington is set to practice each day at Ashburn from Friday and at FedEx Field on Saturday night.

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