Cyril Féraud: “‘100% logic’? A game really different from all other quizzes”

Will “Family Duels” stay on the air this entire season no matter what?
We don’t talk about that. Our second recording session is scheduled. We are already working on the third. There was a real infatuation with France Télévisions on the part of the pilot of this show because it’s part of the DNA of what France 3 is doing today. We promote regions in a game, but not for free. The families defend their regions, they come with their local specialities. I tend to say that “Family Duels” is a bit like a general culture “Interville”.

“Slam” airs after “Family Duels” every day. Aren’t you worried about overexposure?
No, because “Family Duels” and “Slam” are two different programs, but they represent an hour of air per day. Exactly like Laurence Boccolini with “Everyone wants to take their place” on France 2, like Jean-Luc Reichmann with “Les 12 coups”, like Nagui with “Don’t forget the lyrics”. So I don’t see why it would be overexposure as far as I’m concerned when my other comrades are almost all up in the air for an hour a day! My originality is two games in a row, of course, but that’s already been the case three years ago when I presented “No one thought of it” and “Slam” in a row and nobody said “help, we see Cyril”. Feraud too much!”

The third issue of the “Quiz des champions”, broadcast at the beginning of September, registered a disappointing performance compared to the previous two issues, with an average of 1.94 million viewers (11.8% of the public) according to Médiamétrie. How do you explain it?
This score did not disappoint me, on the contrary. Again, Saturday night’s draw got very tough. But I interpret this score very easily: there was a tidal wave that night with an unprecedented “Murders” on France 3, which had a 27% market share. And then, to be honest, opposite, the season of “The Voice Kids” on TF1 is going very well.
The first two numbers had exactly the same audience: 3 million viewers and a 16% market share. So when we hit 12%, we are a bit disappointed by the figure, but hitting 12% on Saturday night on France 2 is still a very high score. In group terms, 27% on France 3 and 12% on France 2, that’s a gigantic audience share.

Is another edition of the “Quiz des champions” already planned?
We shoot a 4th issue in which we will find Enzo, the “Grand Slam” champion who breaks all records. He exceeded 200,000 euros in earnings last weekend. He is 19 years old and he is a phenomenon. He became the biggest champion of France Télévisions. “Le quiz des champions” is a source of pride. It’s a British format that only lasted 45 minutes, in a very intellectual and very “dark” version. In our contest, there is laughter, there is music…

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