Cyril Hanouna attacks a competitor channel… (VIDEO)

Within don’t touch my postThis Wednesday, September 21, 2022, Cyril Hanouna got a little carried away against his competitors and in particular against TMC… whom he accuses of wanting to copy him.

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the blood of cyril hanouna only did one lap! The one who presented a new number of don’t touch my post, this Wednesday, September 21, 2022, took advantage of the start of the show to send some skewers to his competitors. The host-producer obviously doesn’t appreciate that other TV stations are trying to walk on the toes of his show. As he unfolded the summary of the evening, listing the personalities who would be joining them on the talk show, he noted that many tried to rob their guests…

As soon as we do something everybody wants to snack

We will have Sergei Jirnov, a former member of the KGB, come to see us. After the disturbing declaration of Vladimir Putinshould we expect the worst?Cyril Hanouna announced before explaining the former Soviet spy’s demand: Know that everyone loved Sergei today! They called him on all the channels: TF1, TMC… Everyone loved him.“What tends to annoy him:”As soon as we have a loudspeaker, everyone wants to steal it from us. It’s crazy though. As soon as we do something everybody wants to snack“, he insisted. Impossible not to imagine that the presenter pointed, without naming him, to his competitor Daily with this comment. Either the two adversaries had decided not to criticize each other each other, could mark the end of the truce.

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One day I’m going to give them a cake…

Especially since Cyril Hanouna doesn’t stop there, giving a very specific example, which seems to have particularly bothered him. “You saw, tonight there is Mongeville (a detective series, Ed) in C8. Well, TMC went shopping Crime in… (another crime novel, editor’s note) That is to say that as soon as we do something, they do the same“, he said annoyed, before getting carried away more: “One day I’m going to put a cake in their mouths, I don’t know how they’re going to return it…“, he launched. An attack taken as a joke on the set of TPMPcolumnists and public applaud the presenter’s ingenuity.

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