Cyril Hanouna (TPMP) trimmed live by Apolline de Malherbe’s husband

cyril hanounaraised against Apolline de Malherbe ? This Friday, September 23, the PAF troublemaker shared his Rage on the plateau of Touche not at my post. In question ? Some BFMTV journalists who spread images of his talk show without mentioning his name or that of the C8 program. The presenter then announced that he wanted to set the record straight.

cyril hanouna does not have mince words against the journalists in question. “They, I liked them, are starting to run after me. They don’t know me.” He launched. A star presenter of the channel especially caught her attention. Their ” Friend“, Apolline de Malherbe. ” If she looks at me:’Next time quote us. Cause I, I won’t forget to quote you to get you high. »he continued.

Cyril Hanouna settles his accounts directly with Apolline de Malherbe

Cyril Hanouna finally grabbed his phone to call live the main interested, who collected. ” I always said I love you, but here I am end of roll with you.“, launched Apolline de Malherbe. ” Yesterday you showed pictures of me and didn’t mention me, TPMP or Hanouna. He explained. The journalist’s response is surprising. ” Was I unfair? You can even display on air each i love texting that I sent you“, She told him.

Even before Cyril Hanouna can respond to the young woman’s justifications, her husband, harold hausy, took the receiver to intervene. ” Cyril, we calm down. There are limits!Launched Manuel Valls’ former communication advisor. An observation that has caused hilarity on the tray. Something to ease tensions and calm the host of C8.

To clear herself of the accusations made by Cyril Hanouna, Apolline de Malherbe claimed to watch TPMP every night, with her family. ” It’s thanks to me againstit’s me who Turn on the tvadded her husband. After the call, the host finally got back to her comments. ” There is a journalist who for me is the one I like it more Apolline de Malherbe is in the world, I listen to her every morning. »he blurted out, causing the audience to laugh.

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Animosity reigning between C8 and BFMTV journalists

This Friday, September 23, was also marked by a completely different event. In fact, the main presenter of C8 was celebrating his 48th birthday. To ease tensions with star RMC presenter Cyril Hanouna released: “ baby we forget all that. », he shared. ” For me anniversaryI’m going to invite your whole family to Dinneryour husband, you and all your children. “, she launched. ” You know I have four children! »warned the morning. ” If I have to be ric-rac at the end of the month, I’ll be for you. We organize it in fifteen days. »He promised.

Fortunately, all’s well that ends well. ” I adore her. How I love this girl. That loveWhat sweetness, what professionalism!“, he snapped. L’animosity between Cyril Hanouna and the BFMTV presenters was also palpable during the last presidential campaign. The choices of the political guests at C8 were heavily criticized on the continuous news channel. In January, Apolline de Malherbe had judged in particular pathetic the debate that opposes zemour and Mélenchon, as reported The Figaro.

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