D&D: Attack is both a valuable collectible and a miniature skirmish game.

Dungeons & Dragons: Attack There are two things at once. The first part is a tactical skirmish board game. The other half is about collecting miniatures. Any of those things – a board game or collectible figures – are non-issues in their own right and would be easy to write about here. that is that D&D: Attack Both at once complicate matters, and that could spoil its appeal.

as a board game, assault 5th Edition is a self-contained, two-player, scenario-based skirmish game based on Dungeons & Dragons combat rules. It has pre-painted miniatures, a two-sided map and 20-sided dice. Each player controls an opponent’s adventure team and a party of adventurers in tactical battles against enemy monsters.

A mockup of a D&D: Attack game in progress

Image: Wizards of the Coast

clearly assault D&D is not meant to replace. Alex Davey, Director of Miniature Gaming at WizKids, explained, assault It was designed as a “fun, fast and necessary” way to experience a specific part of D&D—specifically, the experience of combat and being the big damn hero.

assaultThe K rules turn 5e’s fight into a “balance of crunchy strategy and reach,” Dewey said, adding that it’s “weighted toward success.” There are no damage rolls (every successful attack deals a set amount of damage) and every attack is made with an advantage (rolling two d20s and choosing a higher one). The monsters that populate the scenarios automatically deal hits and damage based on the rules set in the scenario – they don’t roll to attack. There is no skill or ability to track. The number of cards also helps to streamline the initiative.

A D&D: Onslot character card, a pair of twenty-sided dice, and a small miniature

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Everything you need to know about your characters fits on a character card the size of an index card. The card gives you attack options, reactions, critical hit effects, and all your stats. Each character card has five dials around the outside. Everything that changes during a fight—like hit points, experience points, or ability cooldown—has a dial. Even your stats—three of which are: speed, armor class, and hit points—have a dial. Interestingly, this means that, depending on the character, things like armor class and speed can change as that character takes damage (not unlike any other WizKids franchise, HeroClick).

The scenarios in which you will navigate those characters and minis are laid out in an included Scenario Guide rulebook. According to WizKids, you should be able to play through a scenario in about 90 minutes. Each scenario details the board and team setup, loot locations, start or spawn points, rules for how monsters behave, any special items in the game, and specific battle objectives. In the preview we saw, the “Grethols and Goblins” scenario was simple: “Get your way to safety!” Two teams of two heroes enter a dungeon and battle each other and a stream of ghosts fighting for control of a special weapon. Victory points are awarded at the end of battles based on actions such as defeating enemies and monsters or controlling special loot. And all. However, this is a fluke, so it doesn’t need much. That said, it will be interesting to see how “Grethols & Goblins” compares to other scenarios in the full release.

Two more miniatures, this time ghosts.  Both have boxes and arrows.

Photo: Charlie Hall / Polygon

While the scenarios and character cards are both simple and easy to understand, the gameplay itself isn’t much different from playing D&D with Mini on a battleship. You’ll still deal with things like range, line of sight, area-of-effect attacks, and ability cooldowns. Players take turns to activate their heroes in an initiative sequence, and each hero has speed, action, reaction, and special attacks. And that complication probably explains the recommendation for age 14 and older.

So assault Pen-and-paper doesn’t want to replace D&D, and it ain’t baby D&D for kids. WizKids Wants Dungeons & Dragons: Attack It will take a full, role-playing heavy session to become a pickup game solution that doesn’t require the same prep work. In addition to home games, WizKids is planning extensive tournaments, organized sports, and in-store events.

which brings us to the second part of D&D: Attack – To collect

Miniatures of six heroes from each of D&D: Attack of the Two Factions

Image: Wizards of the Coast

a large part of assault is mini. The core set consists of 21 minutes. They’re all new figurines – 12 heroes and nine monsters like Kobold, Gnoll and a black dragon – that will be exclusive. assault for the first year. They’re as high-quality as you’d expect from WizKids, which also produces pre-painted miniatures for traditional D&D under license from Wizards of the Coast.

In a game, each player chooses a faction to play, and each faction has its own miniatures. At launch, you’ll choose between spies like Harper and the mercenary Gentarim – both factions found in D&D’s Forgotten Realms. Later in the year, more factions – Red Wizard and Many Arrows – and faction expansions will be released. As Dewey told us, “We want you to be excited about the faction you’re on repeat.”

For anyone who wants to customize their adventure party, WizKids will have a curated list of proxy Minis that can replace any character Mini in the official play. These will come from sets like symbols of realms, Nolzur’s amazing miniaturesAnd Framework,

Nine D&Ds: Monster Miniatures including a Black Dragon, two Gnols, an Etienne, a Troll, and four Kobolds.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

And that means — or, at least, it means — that you’ll want to keep expanding your assault Collections to get the full experience. This brings us to the cost.

The Core set will run you $139.99. It comes with 21 miniatures (both characters and monsters), a two-sided map, four 20-sided dice and 16 character cards. The Faction expansion pack, which arrives in October 2023, will include six mini and character cards, as well as a pair of themed d20s. These will cost $59.99 each. If we’re talking about a per-mini basis, it’s roughly between $7 and $10 each. keeping up with assaultThe release is coming soon.

assaultThe gameplay of the game is very satisfying and provides a solid framework for a combat skirmish. The streamlined feel of that special part of D&D – the combat part where you’re moving miniatures on the map and battling baddies – is exactly that assault saves. It won’t replace the long format (for lack of a better word) D&D, but it’s a good way to get a quick combat fix. she said how are you feeling Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Will really depend on how much of a miniatures collector you are. And how much money are you willing to spend on them.

Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Expected to be in store by January 2023. Red Mage and several Arrow faction packs are scheduled for October 2023.

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