Deschamps rethinks Varane and Mbappé on the Giroud case

If Raphaël Varane and Kylian Mbappé supported Olivier Giroud, Didier Deschamps reminded his players that “it was not their role” to make the selection.

Unlike other executives who, barring injury, will travel to Qatar, Olivier Giroud He still does not know what fate awaits him Didier Deschamps. Two months before the 2022 World Cup, the French national team coach is still unclear who will be the striker for theAC Milan, scorer against Austria on Thursday afternoon at the Stade de France (2-0). Can he decently do without it? Given his profile and his performance, a priori no.

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But the presence of the second best manager in the history of the Blues (49 goals, two points behind Thierry Henry’s record) is a sensitive issue for ‘DD’. “It’s up to him to maintain this level, he swept a press conference, even as the Rossoneri continues to prove himself to him. I know what he is capable of. He has affinities with some players more than others, but he’s always had a collective spirit, so there you have it. Answer in early November…”

Varane militates for Giroud!

If it’s lazy, the players get wet for their partner. in the image of rafael varan who, on the eve of a decisive Denmark-France matchup in League A of the Nations League, clearly campaigned for Giroud to go to the World Cup. “He is someone appreciated and respected, so we want to see him as often as possible in the blue jersey. He is a very important player for the group.” This is how the tricolor defender was launched.

“He brings his experience, his calm but also his desire. Because even though he is one of the oldest, he has this desire, like an 18-year-old who comes to his first selection, the Mancunian pleaded. He has an impeccable state of mind, we know his background. We know the mental toughness he has and of course everyone is happy to see him score, including the crowd. » And to Kylian Mbappewho also underlined the crucial role of the Milanese on the ground.

What makes Deschamps shiver? Is not safe… “There is a lot of support for Olivier and all the better because he deserves it. he said, putting the Parisian in his place and the one who, in the absence of Hugo Lloris, is his captain during this rally. Do not interpret what I am going to say, it is just a fact: I do not involve, have never involved and will never involve players in the selection or non-selection of a player. It’s not your role. »

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“I’m not going to change the enthusiasm there, all the better for Olivier. If seulement il avait pu avoir ce soutien-là à certaines périodes, me dans une competition (la Coupe du monde 2018, ndlr) où il n’a pas marqué de but, ce qui n’avait pas empêché l’équipe d’être effective… “, he slipped. A speech that has only one merit, that of keeping the 35-year-old player under pressure, whose place on the plane to Doha still seems and will always be conditioned by the presence or not of Karim Benzema.

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