“Despised” and “rude”: Prince Harry is not better than Meghan, testimonies leak

Meghan Markle never won the Oscar for best actress during her career, but filming may not be necessary for her to finally get a reward. In the book Runners: the hidden power behind the crown by Valentine Low, real expert, and published by The timesMeghan Markle is portrayed as a “narcissistic sociopath“by self-proclaimed former Sussex staff”members of the Sussex Survivors Club.” An unflattering portrait that concerns both the former star of Suits than Prince Harry.

Too often, Meghan Markle comes across as the tough, bossy woman when the softer Duke of Sussex makes amends for his wife’s excesses of anger. But it would be nothing. According to the same witnesses, Prince Harry is no better than the mother of Archie (3 years) and Lilibet (1 year).

the prince harry it is not the saving and kind soul that is usually spoken of from the beginning. By contrast, the Duke of Sussex was at least as “disdainful” Y “disdainful“That Meghan Markle when the lovebirds were still active members of the monarchy:”I was sending terrible emails to the staff. it was rude“A source explained. For many, Meghan and Harry’s entourage was too much.”nice and civilized“dare the slightest revolution:”They didn’t know how to do it. Meghan and Harry were stepping on them.“we learn.

That shouldn’t help the couple’s business. The same book also explains that Meghan Markle forced Harry to make their relationship public and that Prince Harry, 38, would have seen the birth of little George, the 9-year-old son of Kate Middleton and Prince William. as a threat According to him, once he is of legal age, his nephew could pass him off as a “has been.“Will he share it in his memoir due early next year or will he give his only version of the events? He will reply in a few months.”

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