Eagles training camp practice notes: Defense wins day as offense clashes

today is the sixth Philadelphia Eagles Training camp practice ahead of the 2022 NFL season. Here’s what I saw at Novacare Complex. Note: Stay tuned for today’s BGN Radio practice recap podcast, which will be posted here once the episode goes live.

, man, it was a hot one Today the temperature has reached close to 100 degrees. Or at least it felt so.

• It’s pretty clear: no one can logically say that today was a stock up performance for Hearts. The offense didn’t play well.

Pain is not the only culprit for conflicts. In fairness to him, he was below his top two left tackle options and was missing one of his best wide receivers.

But quarterbacks aren’t always surrounded by perfect positions. Sometimes it is up to them to do more with less and overcome such adversities. The occasion did not hurt on Thursday morning.

Let’s review their practice based on the different periods in which they were involved.

1 on 1: Hurts bowled a ball to Quiz Watkins on a slot fed, but it was thrown and nearly picked up by Avonte Maddox until Watkins defended to break it. Hurts threw a faded pass into the back left corner of the end zone that didn’t give Watkins a chance to catch it in bounds. Hurts came back and corrected his error with a faded pass into the back right corner of the end zone to find John Hightower.

11-on-11: He hit the ball for a long time in his first two reps. He probably would have been dismissed on one of them, if not both. And despite getting the advantage of extra time for the throw, he could not complete a pass. Hurts’ third down throw was a four-yard completion for Dallas Goedert. Three more out.

7-on-7: The Hurts had a good ball over the middle (!) of AJ Brown sliding into a tight window. The pass was thrown back slightly but was intended to give Brown a chance to play while keeping the ball away from defense. The Hearts found Brown again in the middle of the field but this time behind the end zone for the score. Those were good plays that stood out. Bad plays include two reps where Hurts doesn’t see anything she likes and stops running. Not good when a QB has to support his feet in a 7-on-7 drill. Hurts was also picked up by a nearly diving TJ Edwards, but the referee of the exercise described it as incomplete. very close.

11-on-11: Harts had a good zip on a quick pass to Goedert in the middle.

11-on-11 Red Zone: Hurts quickly dismissed the ball to Brown to beat Darius Slay for a score.

11-on-11 Crunch Time: Pain connected with Brown on an out route to allow the receiver to go out of bounds for a 5-yard advantage and have 1:11 left on the clock. On the second down, Kenneth Gainwell drops a short pass over the middle with defenders on the pass. In third place, Jevon Hargrave could have gotten a sack on Harts in an actual game, but the quarterback started running over the edge for a small advantage. On the fourth down, Hurts held the ball long enough to the point where Josh Swett stopped running and was just watching, while the quarterback threw a high/off target towards the left bank. Another pass from Hurts over the middle was dropped by Edwards.

After the exercise, I asked several media members whether they were Hurts Stock Up, Stock Even, or Stock Down. Everyone agreed that stock up was not an option. Some were between an even and a down… although even one of Hurts’ biggest supporters thought it was a clear down. After reading my notes, the bad outweighed the good. There were times where he was holding the ball forever. It is like a feast or a famine in that the ball is either coming out very fast or being thrown all day.

stock down.

, Jalen Hearts Stock Tracker Overview:

first day: stock too

second day: stock down

day 3: stock down

Day 4: stock too

Day 5: to accumulate

Day 6: stock down

, Eagles injury report: The Eagles added a few notable names to their injury report.

Didn’t practice: Devonta Smith (groin), Jordan Malata (concussion), Andre Dillard (concussion), Greg Ward (ankle), Grant Calcatera (hamstring), Mac McCain (knee).

Smith made a comeback after practice on Tuesday, but was dismissed today. The Eagles are describing Smith as “day-to-day”.

Malata and Dillard are out until they can pass the NFL’s mandatory concussion protocol. His absence left Le’Raven Clarke as the Eagles’ first team tackle left.

Ward, Calcatera and McCain are all bubble players who need to recover soon in order to properly fight for the roster spot.

limited Partnership: Zach Pascal (disease).

Pascal practiced for the first time since the camp opened. He was not involved in the team drill but did participate in 1-on-1. to prepare.

Quez Watkins was on full leave today after leaving Tuesday’s practice early due to illness.

The Boston Scot was briefly on the ground after taking a big pop from Marcus Epps but was able to walk with his own power.

Richard Rodgers got activated from the ACTIVE/PUP list on Wednesday evening. More strenuous end depth for practice, at the very least.

It looks like Taron Jackson was eyeballed during a rep. We’ll see if he ever misses.

JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Dion Cain were both injured in practice and did not return.

• While Hurts often hold the ball for too long (there’s extensive evidence they did with the longest average time to throw in the past two seasons), let’s give the defense some credit as well. The coverage didn’t make life very easy for him. And neither was the crowd nearby, which did not cease to make his life difficult. The Eagles’ pass rush last year was very ineffective; It’s good to see improvement this summer.

• TJ It’s hot in Edwards. One of their two near breakups was almost an interception. Edwards also did a good job of diagnosing a short throw to Goedert to stop the offense for a 2-yard advantage during the goal-to-go series. Some thought Edwards might head to the bench, with the Eagles signing Kazir White and drafting Nkobe Dean. This is not happening. Edwards is the team’s best linebacker.

• Speaking of Dean, still waiting for a flash through six exercises.

• Gainwell’s drop was bad at the end of the exercise. But he took a fine over-the-shoulder catch at 1-on-1. He also broke a good run in the middle for about 10 yards. And he was trusted with a goal line that went for a touchdown with a first-team offense.

• AJ Brown is feasting on Darius Slay this summer. Brown made a route to the outside with his release during the 1-on-1 rep before quickly cutting inside and scoring a touchdown on a slant. Brown has been a slant machine.

• Kerry Vincent Jr. was flagged off for a defensive pass interference on Devon Allen in 1-on-1. During a red zone drill, KVJ is defeated at an angle route by Covey for a touchdown from Reed Sineett.

• Not a bad day for Covey. In addition to the above touchdown, he had another score after running an out route to open against Josiah Scott in the Red Zone 11-on-11.

• Today was probably Gardner Minshaw’s camp best practice. He was more convincing than sensational. There was a minshaw thrower for Covey’s 1-on-1 touchdown; He zips the ball right by Scott. Minshew connected with Noah Togia trailing Zakiysky Tart on a faded route. Minshu badly overthrew Zach Pascal on 1-on-1 rep.

• Veteran Safari was a very quiet camp for Tart and Anthony Harris.

• Brandon Graham still looks good. He went to the quarterback and stopped Minshu from being passed off.

• Haasan Reddick was in a position to make a tackle for a loss or no advantage on Miles Sanders during a play where the Hearts substitute returned his run. The same can be said for a substitute pitch on the opposite side of the field (left) with Davian Taylor ready to wrap up the Boston Scott.

• Was at the camp the day before where Quez Watkins was carving Avonte Maddox in 1-on-1. Today it was Maddox who made the best of that fight with a near pick and breakup. Real sticky coverage from Eagles Slot Corner.

• Devon Allen dropped a pass in 1-on-1. His hands have been a problem this summer.

• Jalen Rigor beat James Bradberry to score 1-on-1. Later in the rehearsal, he was yelled at by Nick Siriani during a rep where he was “sacking” a coverage.

• Reid Sinnett makes a good throw to Jaidan Graham in the middle of the end zone. Will be interested to see what the Senate can do in Precision as it will get a lot of snaps there. He would have a chance to make the case for the Eagles while keeping three quarterbacks.

• Carson Strong is not seriously insisting on a place on the roster at this time. He threw a duck in double coverage and was lucky it was not picked up.

• Reid Blankenship is one of the third stringers. Good job in coverage and run support. At least he will be in the practice squad.

• Camp Scene: Ball Safety Practice.

• Today in Jimmy Kempsky’s Daily Training Camp interview series BGN Radio: Fran Duffy,

• It was an honor to be alone will be dome on today’s practice. If you haven’t already eaten one of his creations, you’re really missing out. the elite.

next: There was no practice on Friday as it was a holiday for the players. The Eagles will be back in action on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. The team is conducting its first and only exercise open to the public at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. [Click here for ticket information.]

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