Eagles Training Camp Practice Recap: Jordan Davis Is Looking Good

today marked the fourth Philadelphia Eagles Training camp practice ahead of the 2022 NFL season. Here’s what I saw at Novacare Complex. Note: Stay tuned for BGN Radio’s daily practice recap podcast, which will be posted here once the episode goes live.

, Jalen Hearts Stock Report: The good news is that Hurts was better than his last two exercises. The bad news is that his passing performance was a mixed bag.

Positives: Hurts did a good job of aiming for his quick oblique options to get the ball out early and set them up for the YAC. In this regard, one of his short throws was to AJ Brown and the other to Boston Scott. Given that Hearts has struggled in the past to get the ball fast and out in the middle of the field, it was good to see. It was also good to see Harts joining Brown on the left-hand throw of the field to defeat Darius Slay, an area of ​​the field that he targeted little from the right.

Negative: When he was not getting the ball out Excellent Sharp, Hearts had a tendency to hold the ball for too long. For example, there was a play at 7-on-7 when he went to the right (as he doesn’t want to) and proceeded to end the rep at the end. Hurts reinstated a lot of checkdowns and really only pushed the ball down the field once… when he thoroughly overthrew Brown, who had a move on James Bradberry.

Rest: Hurts completes a pass to Devonta Smith over the middle, which is wide open. The ball was thrown slightly behind the target.

Overall, Hurts wasn’t particularly good or particularly bad. He was somewhere in the middle. Stock too.

, Jalen Hearts Stock Tracker Overview:

first day: stock too

second day: stock down

day 3: stock down

Day 4: stock too

, Eagles injury report:

Milton Williams (elbow) returned to practice in limited capacity after missing Saturday.

Grant Calcatera (hamstring) missed Saturday after suffering an injury. Nice to see it wasn’t an end-of-season issue, but not ideal for him as he tries for a TE2 or TE3 spot.

Zach Pascal (ill) is still not practicing. Pascal tweeted that he was in the hospital on Sunday but Nick Siriani indicated he was trending in a positive direction. Meanwhile, Pascal is missing the rep to build chemistry with Hurts.

Kerrick Wheatfall (Covid Pragati) upgraded to Ltd.

• Good practice for Jordan Davis. He saw some first team reps and helped stop several ongoing attempts. Davis also generated some internal pressure. He has been activated.

• Davis is huge. This we know. But I think it’s important to note that she is by no means chunky and squat. He’s relatively smooth as can be a 6’6″, 336 pounds of defensive tackle.

• While I was watching 7-on-7s, I remembered some OL vs. DL 1-on-1s. Several reporters indicated that Davis was (surprisingly) one of the handful to block in these situations. That said, Cam Jurgens is said to have done a good job against Davis, especially when it comes to anchoring. Of course, Davis admitted after practice that what stood out about Jurgens was his strength.

• Miles Sanders scored many long runs while working with the first team. He pointed to the sidelines after running into the end zone on one of those plays and said something (which no one could actually hear). Believing that it had to do with him, realizing that he was humiliated by the media. Sanders clearly provides the best blast of any backfield option.

• Gardner Minshoo isn’t in a position to seriously challenge the starting job. He was selected twice in today’s exercise. The first was a short pass caught by Sean Bradley. The second came when a ball made for Jalen Rigor was tipped off by Darius Slay and caught by Marcus Epps (Epps is still around the ball). Minshave did A good advance throw for Noah Togia to fit a ball into a window and another ball to the right to Rigor. But more bad than good has happened.

• Hassan Reddick had good coverage on the Boston Scott flat in a play where Minshaw targeted the running back. Of course, you don’t want to see Radic falling in coverage too often.

• No extraordinary moments from Nakobe Dean through four exercises.

• Derek Barnett is said to have lost a few fights against Andre Dillard at 1-on-1. Barnett was flagged for being offside at 11-on-11. (It’s always that.)

• The Reid Senate has remained quietly solid relative to low expectations. I would say that he is currently ahead of Carson Strong for the QB3 spot who may or may not be present on the 53-player roster. Sinnett connected to Dion Cain (who has been the best of any receiver not locked to make the roster) on one post and then hit tightly covered JJ Arceus-Whiteside to complete another.

• Towards the end of the exercise, the Eagles pick up stronger during the growth period.

• Some post-practice press conference highlights:

• I’m not sure how Rigor thinks commenting on social media is a good idea. (Of course, he deleted the tweet shortly after it went up.)

• Shout out to Wawa for providing post-practice lunch for the second consecutive exercise. Now let’s work on a BGN radio sponsorship, Wawa. I love you so much so that we don’t work together.

next: The Eagles have another practice on Tuesday, their first in full pads. The action starts at 10:00 AM. As always, stay connected with Bleeding Green Nation.

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