Early maternity and paternity leave to be compensated more quickly?

Will maternity, paternity or adoption leave be compensated more quickly? This is what the government wants, according to the echoesthat wants to present a measure in the Social Security budget project for 2023. The Government wants companies to pay directly the allowances that Health Insurance owes to employees, when they are on sick leave. maternity licence, paternity or adoption. It would then be up to the companies to recover their advance from the Social Security.

The goal is twofold for the government, which wants to “simplify life” for affected employees, firstly so that they don’t run out of resources, but also to spare them sometimes time-consuming administrative tasks. Asked by Les Échos, Matignon speaks of “an important measure for parents”. Initially this would affect large enterprises, before a shift to VSE and SMEs and an end date set for January 2025.

But on the side of the employer organizations, the measure makes people tremble. So much so that the three main ones, Medef, CPME and U2P, wrote to the Prime Minister to ask her to desist from this measure. In the letter that our colleagues have been able to consult, they evoke a measure “particularly inappropriate in a context of economic fragility.” This would add a “financial and administrative burden for companies of all sizes”, they argue (…)

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