Electricity forecast on France Télévisions channels: how will this new system work?

France Télévisions will broadcast voltage alerts on the French electricity network. This “electric weather forecast” will materialize by displaying a pictogram on the small screen. explanations.

Climate of electricity. This is the small name of the new device launched by France Télévisions and announced this Friday, September 23, by Delphine Ernotte, president of the public audiovisual group. The latter aims to prevent as many French people as possible from experiencing periods of tension in the electricity grid. An unprecedented system between RTE and France TV transmitted by our colleagues from AFP.

color pictograms

Of course, the France Télévisions channels (France 2, France 3, France Info, etc.) will broadcast live pictograms in different colors (green, orange or red) depending on the demand of the electrical network in France. The data will be transmitted live through the ecowatt device which allows the population to consult the demand directly on the network.

In the event that a pictogram indicating strong tensions appears, viewers will be invited to modify their consumption at time T. Specifically, “you can, for example, start the washing machine at 10:00 p.m. instead of at 7 pm” or start cooking the “courgette gratin” later, warns the president of France TV. These eco-gestures, multiplied by millions of households, could make it possible to slow down consumption and avoid punctual cuts.

Objective: save 5% of consumption

The goal is not to “paralyze France”, but rather to “be careful when necessary”, believes Xavier Piechaczyk, chairman of the board of directors of RTE Réseau de Transport, manager of the electricity network in France. According to him, this system could allow a saving of 5% “at least” at 7:00 p.m.

Common sense advice will also be given during briefings or during “weather and climate” bulletins. It is up to France Télévisions to fully carry out its public service mission. The group that intends to fully participate in the energy crisis by deploying various energy saving measures.

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