Eliud Kipchoge breaks his marathon world record in 2h1’9”

Eliud Kipchoge wrote a new page in his legend by setting the marathon world record in 2h1’9” this Sunday in Berlin. The 37-year-old Kenyan was even on the bases two hours after a fast start.

At the end of a week in which one of the great athletes of the last two decades was said goodbye in the person of Roger Federer, another legend signed a feat, soon to be 38 years old. Eliud Kipchoge starred this Sunday in a masterful race by beating his world marathon record in Berlin, in 2h1’9”. Thirty seconds less than his 2018 mark (2h1’39”).

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The classification of the Berlin Marathon

Conditions were, as is often the case, excellent in Berlin, with ten degrees on the thermometer at the start, at 9:15am, of the same rolling course on which he had achieved his previous record, in 2018.

Kipchoge started with an incredibly high base, with the first 10 km in 28’23”, well ahead of his record (29’1″), then a passage to the supersonic half marathon: 59’51”, the fastest in the history. , better than his 61′ during the 2018 London Marathon.

in Vienna, during a non-homologated marathon, he had run in 1h59”40. This time, under regular conditions, with three hares, she flirted with the less than two hours. After kilometer 25, his hares put the indicator and Kipchoge found himself alone, the average of him then took a hit (see below) and the projection put him above two hours.

Showing no signs of weakness, the Kenyan held on, once again delighting the Berlin crowd that lined the house just past the Brandenburg Gate.

Belihu finally fourth

Behind Kipchoge, the Kenyan Mark Korir, also 37 years old, finished second with 2h5’58”, not far from his 2015 record (2h5’49”), the Ethiopian Tadu Abate is third with 2h06’28”. young Andamlak Belihu (23), who for a long time clung to the frenetic pace of the king of the marathon, broke down and finished 4th in 2h06’40. Still, he took a big slap at the previous, and only, mark of his. , 2h9’43”, last year in Valencia.

Kipchoge Transit Times

KM 5: 14’14”
KM 10: 28’23” (14’09)
KM 15: 42’33” (14’10”)
KM 20: 56’45” (14’12”)
Half marathon: 59″51 (3’06”) – average of 2’50 per km
KM 25: 1h11’08” (11’17”)
KM 30: 1h25’40” (14’32”)
KM 35: 1h40’10” (14″30″)
KM 40: 1h54’53” (14’43”)
Arrival: 2h01’09” (6’16”)
Second half marathon: 61’18” – average of 2’54” per km

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