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The death of Queen Elizabeth II will have consequences for the rest of the James Bond franchise.

The 26th work in the James Bond saga will undoubtedly be the renovation! New interpreter for agent 007, new director (or director depending on Sam Mendes Wishes), new distributor… and new boss.

Indeed, if until now James Bond was at the service of Her Majesty the Queen, now 007 will be at the service of Her Majesty “the King and the country”, after the death of Elizabeth II on September 8.

The new secret agent will therefore be the first in history to serve a man. This is what the producers of the franchise Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson told AFP after leaving their fingerprints on Hollywood Boulevard.

Barbara Broccoli specifies from the beginning: “We are just beginning our relationship with Amazon. We haven’t really started to get involved with the next movie yet.“.

As a reminder, in 2021, Amazon bought the historic studio MGM, which has the distribution rights to the 007 movies, for $8.5 billion, so historic producers must find common ground with the American giant before releasing James. Bond 26.

“James Bond now works for King and Country”

So the producer says:But some things are immutable. James Bond is the central character and therefore the most important element of these films. We believe he is incorruptible, working for the queen and now king and country.

He is not there for your personal gain. He is here to try to make the world safer. It’s something we definitely wouldn’t change..”

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King Charles III and Daniel Craig on the set of “Dying Can Wait”

A 10-12 year commitment

He then goes on to say:Our father [NDLR : Albert Broccoli, le producteur qui a décidé d’adapter les romans de Ian Fleming] he always tried to give us the confidence to take risks so that Bond could evolve over the years. We like to try things, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but he keeps us innovative“.

Barbara Broccoli therefore confirms that the 26th James Bond adventure will be one of change.

But the producer and her half-brother Michael Wilson also specify to Variety that finding the interpreter of Her Majesty’s secret agent is not easy, since it is necessary for the lucky chosen one to be available for ten years.

When you audition for Bond, it’s a 10- or 12-year commitment. So the actor has to think, ‘Do I really want to do this?’ Not everyone wants to do that. It was quite difficult to convince Daniel Craig… It’s a big commitment. We’re not talking about shooting for a few months.

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