Ellen Pompeo to reduce ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on-screen appearance in season 19

Specific: In the season 18 finale of ABC’s gray’s anatomy, Ellen PompeoKay Meredith decided not to move to Minnesota. While Meredith is staying at Gray Sloan Memorial as an interim Chief of Surgery, we’ll see less of her next season. Pompeo will appear in eight episodes of the upcoming 19th season, which is now starting production. She will continue to narrate every episode and serve as an executive producer on the hugely popular medical drama, which remains ABC’s top scripted series.

The scale-back comes as Pompeo takes on his first role other than Meredith Gray in nearly two decades — that is set to star Hulu’s Orphans limited series is inspired by the true story of Ukrainian-born Natalia Grace and her American adoptive parents, who claimed she was an adult “sociologist” pretending to be a child.

View photos of Pompeo in gray key down through the years.

ABC/Nino Munez
Photo: ABC / Nino Munez

Pompeo’s willingness to take on the new challenges of acting is believed to be the driving force behind his decision to do fewer episodes. gray key, The ABC drama keeps him busy as it has been producing 25 episodes a year for a total of 400 so far. (Season 19 is likely to have about 22 episodes, I’ve heard.)

Pompeo had seen his workload on the show a bit less over the past two seasons as Meredith spent a large portion of the pandemic-themed Season 17 in a coma and was in Minnesota for most of Season 19.

While there’s talk that Pompeo might wrap up Meredith’s story next season, I’ve heard there’s no decision yet on whether Season 19 will be the last for Pompeo as a star — or the show’s final chapter. . gray’s anatomy Producer Shonda Rhimes Has Said She Doesn’t Watch gray key continues without its leading lady. (There were talks about expanding the franchise with a new medical drama spinoff when and when the Motherhood series ended.)

Pompeo, who was making a case for abolishing gray’s anatomy last few years, last October talked about his post-of gray career plans.

Pompeo, who starred primarily in movies until he was cast, “I probably wouldn’t do movies per se, but I probably would do some streaming television.” gray’s anatomy In 2004, said at the time. She had already started expanding into other areas, including audio series with her. Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo Podcast that debuted in September.

“I’m just trying to play in a few different areas and do some new things, but I’m sure I’ll be acting again,” she said in October.

Shortly thereafter, ABC and gray’s anatomy Studio ABC Signature begins talks with Pompeo about continuing is grey. She eventually agreed to return for season 19, securing a renewal of the show, which was announced in January,

I heard again, Pompeo had already decided to do only part of the episode, continuing as narrator and EP as she also takes on new acting challenges. After months of back-and-forth, he and the producers settled on 8 episodes. She began talks about joining the Orphans series earlier this summer.

Meanwhile, she sparked orphan, produced by the same studio of gray, ABC Signature, and Star and came on board as the EP, helping secure the green light to the project.

in eighteen years, gray’s anatomy Pompeo has been able to reinvent itself several times through several casting changes, with Pompeo holding the show together. The highly rated medical drama is headed for another transformative season, with Pompeo stepping back and five new additions to the cast, Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Nico Terho and Midori Francis.

Here’s Pompeo As Meredith Grey Has Been Seen In All 18 Seasons gray’s anatomy,

Season 1, 2005
Everett Collection

Season 2, 2005-06
Everett Collection

Season 3, 2006-07
Everett Collection

Season 4, 2007-08
Everett Collection

Season 5, 2008-09
Everett Collection

Season 6

Season 6, 2009-10
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Season 7, 2010-11

Season 8, 2011-12
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Season 9, 2012-13
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Season 10, 2013-14
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Season 11, 2014-15
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Season 12, 2015-16
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Season 13, 2016-17


Season 15, 2017-18

Season 16, 2018-19

Season 17, 2019-20

Season 18, 2020-21

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