Energy sobriety: Enedis promotes the role of the Linky meter – 09/22/2022 at 10:46

While the executive multiplies his calls to reduce the use of electricity, the manager highlights the contribution of the box, which allows a “better knowledge” of their energy consumption.

The manager listens "bring your stone to the building of sobriety" (AFP / DAMIEN MEYER)

The manager intends to “contribute his stone to the building of sobriety” (AFP / DAMIEN MEYER)

The manager of the electricity distribution network Enedis wants to add a “stone to the building of energy sobriety” by encouraging its 35 million users of Linky meters to control their consumption with this tool. Consumers will be able to adapt their consumption if necessary during peak demand this winter, according to a press release published on Thursday.

Customers equipped with the Linky smart meter, i.e. 35 million households in France,

in fact, you can track your actual consumption data for up to half an hour by going to your private client account from the Enedis Internet platform, the manager recalls.

“At a time when the government is preparing to launch a mobilization campaign + Every gesture counts + (October 10, editor’s note), and when all the actors involved are calling for individual and collective energy sobriety, Linky is more than ever an essential tool at the service of a more responsible electricity consumption”, declares Enedis in a press release.

According to Éric Salomon, director of customers at Enedis, the director intends to “put his stone in the construction of sobriety” by allowing the consumer to have, thanks to his accountant, “a better knowledge of his consumption”, by month, by week and by day.

Identify “Abnormal Binge Drinking”

The Enedis platform on the internet, which collects the data from the meters, offers various services: identify your consumption peaks during the day, compare your consumption for one day, compare your consumption with that of households with the same type of dwelling and the same power characteristics. In the light of this data, the customer can control his consumption by identifying “abnormal overconsumption”, which will lead him to modify a device that is too greedy or even to choose a tariff and power offer more suited to his needs.

Although 90% of renewable energies are connected to the public electricity network managed by Enedis, the manager also highlights the role of the meter in photovoltaic “self-consumption”, since it allows “a good view of the local energy production data and consumption among the inhabitants”. In an opinion issued in 2018, the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (Ademe) estimated that “the use by households of dedicated screens with very complete services” that allow the display of historical consumption, could suppose “a energy savings of up to around 8% on average, and even 10% for large consumers”. In addition to the Enedis platform, there are other consumption monitoring devices with electricity marketers.

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