Erdem, the freshness of romanticism

Both noble and sophisticated, the Erdem label offers ultra-feminine collections. Focus on this brand that has known how to sublimate women’s bodies while maintaining a certain elegance.

The story tells that the exalted romanticism of the creator Erdem Moralioglu would come from the Merchant Ivory Productions movies. Prudish stories from Edwardian England that the creator loved to look small. A rumor confirmed by the interested party and transcribed in his delicate and fresh universe offered since 2005 by his homonymous brand. With its lace, blouses and floral prints, it has imposed an ultra-feminine style bordering on BCBG but anchored in a maddening modernity. Ignoring trends, Erdem stands out with this poetry. The dresses are fluid, the bodies are magnified although little is revealed. The dream seems to invite itself to each collection, giving a delicate, noble and sophisticated tone at the same time. Nurtured by a dual culture of a British mother and a Turkish father, the designer alternates between sensitivity and opulence. A subtle balance that attracts stars like Claudia Schiffer, Eva Mendes or Gwyneth Paltrow. For her latest collection, Erdem shows a new facet, this time darker, inspired by the clubwear of the late 1930s. It’s still going strong for now.

victorian spirit

The flowy, fitted dress is available in a pleated version in this silhouette. Ruffle detail at the neckline and long sleeves add a touch of austerity offset by an overlay bra and white floral print on yellow silk.

Autumn-Winter Collection 22/23.  Credit: erdem

Autumn-Winter Collection 22/23. Credit: erdem

Autumn-Winter Collection 22/23.

afternoon shake

The famous bob-shaped hat reappears with this version in black denim printed with large colored flowers. An opposition of style in the shape and in the fabric that sets the tone for an ultra-modern piece.

Floral Denim Bucket Hat Credit: Erdem

Floral Denim Bucket Hat Credit: Erdem

Floral denim bucket hat – Price 280 euros.

gray work

The fitted jacket is renewed in a feminine version with a vintage look with this model with a single button on the front. The pleats from the waist.[…]


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