Eric Cantona made a funny offer to Manchester United

What’s next after this announcement?

At Manchester United, Eric Cantona is a king, a legend. So when the former French striker witnesses the Red Devils decline, he inevitably feels a pang to the heart. How is it possible for such a powerful club (consecrated 11 times between 1996 and 2013) to lose its luster despite the fact that financial resources are still just as important? A terrible find for fans in love with Old Trafford. For Cantona, impossible to remain without reaction. In an interview given to the athleticthe French reveals that he offered his services to help the club wanted by Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Last year I proposed to the club to change course. Ed Woodward (left earlier this year, editor’s note) is great at marketing, but not great at football. United should have a president, then a marketing president, then a football president, who is in charge of all decisions in football. So, I proposed to them to be president of football.he said, before continuing. “I met them a couple of times. But they did not accept! I always think, whether it’s me or someone else, they should have a president for football. It must be someone from the club, who knows football and the club. »

Canto wanted to be president of football

And when the reporter tells him that MU has a director of football (John Murtough, editor’s note), Cantona already has the answer. “Yes, but he is not a football president. (…) Since Ferguson retired in 2013, the club has doubled its income, but has not earned anything. So imagine if you were successful in football and you also had great people in marketing, then instead of doubling your revenue, you would triple it. But they don’t understand that. The club spends a lot of money. But you have to spend it well. » Rejected by MU, Éric Cantona has no regrets. The former Olympique de Marseille striker believes he could have made a contribution to the building, but he is particularly relieved to have a clear conscience in front of the Red Devils fans.

They didn’t want me! The fans should know that I went to Manchester to give them a chance to succeed for decades to come. And they didn’t want it. I felt guilty for not trying to help this club do better. I told myself: “for five years, I will put everything on hold and focus 100% on this”. And if I focus 100% on that, then I can tell you that I would do well. Now I feel good about myself. I tried. So no one in my family can say I didn’t try anything to help United. They don’t want it. It is your choice. But I tried. » I sing back at MU, so it’s not for now.

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