Ezra Miller Iceland, Toccata Iron Eyes New Details Revealed

A new report also sheds light on his relationship with Toccata Iron Eyes and Miller’s erratic behavior in Iceland, where he was filmed strangling a fan.

New information has emerged about the actor Ezra MillerPre-2020 erratic behavior in Iceland and Hawaii, as well as the actor’s relationship with 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes, whose parents have accused the actor of abuse and grooming. the insider spoke With Toccata’s parents, Miller’s longtime musical collaborator Oliver Ignatius, an Icelandic woman alleges they had a verbally abusive sex, and a mother accused Miller of trying to raise her 11-year-old child. charged to.

it was previous report After being arrested twice in Hawaii, Miller was hiding with a mother and her three children on a farm in Vermont, with firearms and marijuana.

As previously reported, Miller met Tocata Iron Eyes during the Dakota Pipeline protest when she was 12, and her parents have accused Miller of having an inappropriate relationship with drugs and physical and verbal abuse, which Tocata has denied.

Ignatius stated that he witnessed an inappropriate relationship between Miller and Tocata Iron Eyes in Hawaii in March, following Miller’s two arrests on the island (first in March, then April) for disorderly conduct and harassment.

Ignatius told the insider that Miller confiscated Toccata’s phone and at one point yelled at her face for wearing makeup. Ignatius recalled Miller saying, “‘What the fuck are you doing? Putting this fucking clown on the paint?'” Toccata Iron Eyes said that Ignatius was taking the exchange out of context.

“I think a lewd comment made by a gay man about makeup abuse is actually quite homophobic rhetoric,” she said.

Ignatius said that she at one point saw Miller kissing Toccata Iron Eyes “loosely”, which she also denies. He stated that Miller’s persistent verbally abusive behavior for Toccata Iron Eyes was the last straw for their musical collaboration and friendship. “I was misled by a very manipulative actor,” he said.

Several women who met Miller during his two-month stint in Iceland in the spring of 2020 (when the filming of the suffocation incident occurred) also spoke of their relationship with the actor, during which Miller became a “cult”-like Airbnb rental. But was operating out of Reykjavik, as alleged by the sources.

“No one was allowed to disagree with him,” said a young woman. “His reality portrayed everyone else’s reality. There was no room for anyone else’s opinions or feelings.”

According to the report, “A woman who came home for a day in March 2020 recalled the many mattresses spread on the floor and compared the house to a ‘commune’. She was amazed at how enamored the guests were with Miller , hung on his every word and seemed unfazed by Miller’s mood. ‘I felt like everyone was hypnotized,’ he said, then accused Miller of various emotional outbursts.

A 23-year-old woman who visited the location said she saw Miller angrily when friends tried to choose a song to play on the sound system. She alleged that Miller often went “being a friendly host to this really angry person”.

In April 2020, Miller rented out parts of the Icelandic Hotel Logerbakki, where the actor took under his wing a young woman who was battling a drug addiction at the time. “After that, Ezra basically said: ‘My room is your room. Now you’re going to stay here.’ And I was like, ‘Cool.'”

The woman alleged that their relationship was marked by abuse over the next six days. “In an instant they would look me in the eye and be like ‘I love you,’ and this would be a really nice, beautiful person,” she said. And the very next moment, she continued, they would “tell me I was fucking disgusting.”

“There was a lot of psychological abuse,” the woman said, adding that Miller would yell at her over things like saying the wrong words in Spanish or her knowledge of yoga. “Ezra was like, ‘You know nothing about yoga! He remembered. “This hostile demon has just taken over.”

The woman also said that Miller became fixated on her “reproductive abilities,” according to the report, and would talk to her womb and tell her that she needed to leave her life behind for a better future. He remembered that it was his ticket to Hollywood.

“Ezra was super manipulative. He had us all under his finger,” she said. “He was able to twist and pull everything I thought I knew about the world.”

“It was only six days, but it honestly took way, way long,” she said. “I remember being like, ‘Wow, I don’t know how I’m going to get over this.'”

Finally, a mother Miller met this February in Massachusetts (after an incident in which Miller and friends reportedly called Toccata Iron Eyes’ parents to inform them of their LSD overdose) also spoke anonymously with Insider about what she believed to be her attempt to groom. His 11 year old child.

Reportedly, “She said that Miller appreciated the child’s style and maturity level and asked if they would be interested in starting a clothing line together. Miller also offered to pay the child to go to design school.” offered.

“I want to invest in your future. I want to make you someone,” said the now 12-year-old Miller told him. He added that he was “really uncomfortable because I’m someone who talks to new people.” doesn’t like to do” but that Miller was “pushing me to talk.”

The report details other bizarre allegations of mother and child, including Miller’s invitation to the mother to drink her blood, and Miller showing up at her apartment in June “wearing a cowboy hat and boots with horses for 12 years.” Asking to buy. -Old.” After that point, the mother decided to contact the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes, whom TMZ reported were seeking a protective order.

The ongoing case against Miller, filed by Toccata Iron Eyes’ parents, has been closed to the public and the actors are unable to reach tribal court until June. Miller was ordered to appear in court on July 12.

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